Strength train­ing could help you fin­ish ev­ery race stronger, sug­gests new re­search. 3 For each ex­er­cise, do three sets of 10 reps, in­creas­ing the weight to keep the fi­nal reps chal­leng­ing.

Runner's World (UK) - - WARM-UPS -

Bar­bell squat

With feet hip­width apart and a bar­bell on your shoul­ders, squat to a 90-de­gree bend at the knee.

Sin­gle-leg leg press

Place feet hip-width apart on the leg press. Lift one foot off to do sin­gle-legged press. Swap sides be­tween sets.

Hip flex­ion

Se­cure one end of a re­sis­tance band around your an­kle and the other to a sup­port at an­kle height. Drive the knee to hip height, pause and re­turn. Swap sides be­tween sets.

Weighted calf raise

Wear­ing a weighted back­pack, stand on a step and rise up onto the balls of both feet, pause, then lower.

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