Pass the lens test with fly­ing colours

Squint­ing into the sun never helps per­for­mance, which is why, pro­tec­tion aside, sun­nies are a musthave for run­ners. But lens colour makes a dif­fer­ence, so choose wisely.

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The most com­mon – and dark­est – tint. Doesn’t en­hance con­trast or dis­tort colours. Good for bright sun­light.


Sharp­ens con­trast and visual depth, es­pe­cially in green and blue en­vi­ron­ments. Helps com­bat eye fa­tigue.


Re­duces glare by block­ing white light from re­flec­tive sur­faces, but green shades harder to see in the coun­try.


Bright­ens shad­ows, so ideal in low light or hazy con­di­tions. Green lenses also trans­mit all colours evenly.


En­hances con­trast, help­ing you dis­tin­guish ob­sta­cles from their back­ground in poor light.


Ab­sorbs high­fre­quency colours, blue in par­tic­u­lar, so good for lim­it­ing glare from wa­ter. Also good for sun.

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