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The big­gest bar­rier to a faster 5K or 10K comes from the waste prod­ucts that build up in your mus­cles when you pick up the pace, says Gaudette. In­ter­vals at th­ese race paces train your body to process th­ese sub­stances while also in­creas­ing the rate at which oxy­gen trav­els to your mus­cles, al­low­ing you to run faster for longer. ‘You’re get­ting an op­por­tu­nity to prac­tise the pain, men­tal stress and fa­tigue that come with run­ning at that pace,’ says coach Carl Leivers.

THE WORKOUT Af­ter a 10-minute warm-up, run 12 x 400m re­peats at your 5K pace (if that’s your goal dis­tance), with 30 sec­onds of easy run­ning in be­tween. Tar­get­ing a 10K? Do 16 x 400m at 10K pace in­stead. The first few reps should feel rel­a­tively easy – the second half should be where it gets tough, says Gaudette.

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