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I have re­cently been re-read­ing a book I’ve read three or four times. It’s a true story and well worth the read, called The Shack by Wil­liam P Young.

It’s a book that ev­ery time you read it you get some­thing dif­fer­ent out of it, as it de­scribes the per­fect re­la­tion­ship that ex­ists be­tween God the Fa­ther, Son and Holy Spirit, and their re­la­tion­ship with us. This time a para­graph close to the end has stayed with me and I would like to share it with you.

“Sarayu [the Holy Spirit] in­ter­rupts Mack and says: ‘If any­thing mat­ters then ev­ery­thing mat­ters. Be­cause you are im­por­tant, ev­ery­thing you do is im­por­tant. Ev­ery time you for­give, the uni­verse changes; ev­ery time you reach out and touch a heart or a life, the world changes; with ev­ery kind­ness and ser­vice, seen or un­seen, my pur­poses are ac­com­plished and noth­ing will ever be the same again.’”

As I read th­ese words it re­minds me of how im­por­tant each and ev­ery per­son is to God, not just who we are but what we do and how we do it. God loves us in a unique and spe­cial way, like no-one on this earth can – un­con­di­tion­ally.

In my day-to-day life I come upon so many peo­ple who need to be re­minded of this. When was the last time we told some­one we love them? When have we said sorry, and re­ally meant it? When was the last time we for­gave some­one and moved on, for­get­ting the heavy weight of a grudge?

Our world and each of us in it can be dif­fer­ent, start­ing to­day. Re­mem­ber God loves us so much that he sent his only Son, so that we can be for­given; God took the ini­tia­tive be­cause he knows us well. God for­gives us, at a cost, so we too need to for­give oth­ers as well.

We need to start mak­ing this world a bet­ter place to live in, to­day, and each of us can make a dif­fer­ence ev­ery time we for­give, ev­ery time we reach out, show kind­ness, ev­ery time we give and re­ceive love.

We have noth­ing to lose and ev­ery­thing to gain, we can change the uni­verse, the world, each other, through love, and noth­ing will ever be the same again. Rev San­dra Boyd, King’s Park Parish Church

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