Hav­ing re­spect for po­lit­i­cal op­po­nents

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First, apolo­gies to Mr Starrs for as­sum­ing he is a mem­ber of the SNP.

Also, I would like to apol­o­gise for us­ing the term ‘nats’ in my let­ter in­stead of ‘na­tion­al­ists’ and giv­ing the im­pres­sion I don’t like them.

I have a lot of re­spect for the na­tion­al­ists in Scot­land, how­ever, I do see them as po­lit­i­cal op­po­nents.

I found the na­tion­al­ists I met on the day of the ref­er­en­dum while I was at the polling sta­tion to be ar­tic­u­late with gen­uine de­sire to im­prove the lives of or­di­nary work­ing peo­ple.

So I find it con­fus­ing that they don’t speak out when the lead­er­ship of the SNP don’t back poli­cies such as the liv­ing wage.

With re­gards to the Labour Party win­ning at Holy­rood in 2016, yes, that would in­deed be ‘breathtaking’ and at the mo­ment the SNP are def­i­nitely the favourites. How­ever, with The Vow be­ing kept and with a new leader in place, I do be­lieve it is pos­si­ble.

My com­ments about Alex Sal­mond’s pre­ferred par­lia­ment and West­min­ster was an at­tempt to make a joke about the fact it looks as though he is go­ing to stand to be a MP again – the man who is al­ways telling us how much he hates the place.

I know I have not an­swered all your ques­tions Mr Starrs, nor do I see it as my place to do so, but I do sin­cerely wish you well. A D Mof­fat, By email.

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