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There was lots of chat on our so­cial me­dia sites this week, es­pe­cially about the qual­ity of the new street lights on Ruther­glen Main Street. Here’s what you had to say: “Not a chance. Way too dark now x”- Jim Mul­hol­land (via Face­book)

“Defo dark i go to work at nyt and now am scared go­ing out cos its so creepy and u cant even see any holes thats on pave­ments”Ber­nadette Tait (via Face­book)

“I was driv­ing along the Main St last night think­ing what have they done to the lights? Def­i­nitely not bright enough!”- David Brown (via Face­book)

“I’m on kings park av­enue and since the light­ing has changed there’s been a cou­ple of crashes and we don’t feel safe walk­ing at night. It’s far too dark.”- Stephanie Do­herty (via Face­book)

“The LED light­ing is bad in th­ese streets. I stay in Fern­hill and ev­ery win­ter there is al­ways a fault whereby there is NO light­ing at all for at least a full week in the whole street. SLC never seem to think it’s dan­ger­ous!”-Va­lerie Clel­land (via Face­book)

“I pre­fer the new lights. It did seem darker when they first in­stalled them but once you get used to the fact its just not overly bright with out­dated orange you ac­tu­ally re­alise th­ese new LED’s of­fer much bet­ter vis­abli­tiy. You can see clearly down the road now (same di­rec­tion as the photo) and can see peo­ple walk­ing down. I’ve lived in the same house on main street for 25 years and feel now I can see peo­pleas faces clearer at night. There was an in­ci­dent just last week in the early hours and I could make out every­ones faces very clearly whereas with the crappy orange glow I could not as it would make their faces muddy and un­clear.”- Iain McDougall (via Face­book)

“Well just wait til next year when they switch them off 15 min­utes early and put them on 15 min­utes later in the morn­ing to save money!!!!!” - Alice Demp­ster (via Face­book)

“We have just had th­ese lights in­stalled and I think they are far bet­ter, much clearer. I think they are a big im­prove­ment.”- Elaine Ni­col (via Face­book)

“half the time , they are on all day, What a Waste of money”- Mar­garet Brown (via Face­book)

“Way to dark. Go to kings park and see the dif­fer­ence be­tween Glas­gow and slc.”- Mhairi Louise Crolla (via Face­book)

“They are far too dark. Go­ing to cause an ac­ci­dent”- Mandy Ma­clean (via Twit­ter)

We ran a poll on the re­cently pub­lished Smith Com­mis­sion re­port, and a whop­ping 94 per cent of you were un­happy with the find­ings. Here’s what you said: “can’t un­der­stand how 14% are happy with it?” - Iain Wilson (via Twit­ter)

Our tour of Cuningar Loop also prompted a re­sponse:

“kids need a cin­ema not a bike track!!! Or some­thing’s more in door!!! Waste a money!!!”Sonia Tam­bur­rini (via Face­book)

Fi­nally, there was praise for lit­tle David Steven­son, who made our front page last week after spend­ing his sav­ings on ad­vent cal­en­dars for the lo­cal food­bank:

“What a great kid, fam­ily must be so proud” - Jim Mul­hol­land (via Face­book)

Go to www.face­book.com/ Ruther­glen­Re­former or www.twit­ter.com/ Ruglen­Re­former and get in­volved in the de­bate. Our top sto­ries on so­cial me­dia last week were:

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3. First look at work on Cuningar Loop

4. Half­way Christ­mas lights switch-on

5. New cy­cle route through towns I would like an Xbox from Santa.

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