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Tom Har­ris

There are plenty of peo­ple around who want you to feel cyn­i­cal about pol­i­tics, who will tell you “they’re all the same” and “it’s not worth vot­ing for any of them”.

In fact, that’s the big­gest lie of them all. Pol­i­tics, one way or an­other, makes a dif­fer­ence. The gov­ern­ment we elect on Thurs­day will change peo­ple’s lives, ei­ther in a good way or a bad way.

And to those who claim that the last Labour gov­ern­ment didn’t change any­thing, I would say: look at the facts. How many peo­ple re­alise, for ex­am­ple, that the last Labour gov­ern­ment TRE­BLED spend­ing on the NHS. That’s right - be­cause a Labour gov­ern­ment was elected in 1997, spend­ing on health in­creased by TWO HUN­DRED per cent. And those aren’t just num­bers - they re­sulted in lives be­ing saved, in lives be­ing trans­formed.

That’s how pol­i­tics can change things for the bet­ter. It’s the same with the Na­tional Min­i­mum Wage, with tax cred­its, with the Win­ter Heat­ing Al­lowance and free bus travel for pen­sion­ers.

Th­ese were life- chang­ing poli­cies. And they were so suc­cess­ful that even this To­ryled gov­ern­ment wouldn’t dare scrap them.

That’s why I can con­fi­dently say that the next Labour gov­ern­ment will change lives for the bet­ter, just like its pre­de­ces­sor did.

We’ll tax the wealthy where we need to and we’ll give tax breaks for the less well off.

We’ll scrap the tyranny of Zero Hours con­tracts and we’ll give first- time home buy­ers a tax break by scrap­ping Stamp Duty for them. We’ll boost the Na­tional Min­i­mum Wage and pro­mote the Living Wage.

Only Labour has the track record of help­ing work­ing peo­ple and mak­ing it eas­ier for them to nur­ture their fam­i­lies.

And only Labour can beat the Con­ser­va­tives Kyle Thorn­ton

At this elec­tion, we face a choice be­tween two fu­tures. We can choose chaos with Labour and the SNP or sta­bil­ity with the Con­ser­va­tives. Your vote will de­cide.

Over the last five years, the sta­bil­ity of­fered by a Con­ser­va­tiveled Gov­ern­ment has helped busi­nesses cre­ate 1.9 mil­lion more jobs and given or­di­nary men and women the eco­nomic se­cu­rity needed to cre­ate 750,000 more busi­nesses. We’ve sup­ported the econ­omy by re­duc­ing the deficit by half, cre­ated a tax sys­tem which has taken mil­lions of the low­est paid work­ers out of in­come tax and we’re re­form­ing the wel­fare sys­tem to en­sure work al­ways pays. We’ve also en­sured that those who have worked hard all their lives are re­warded. The State Pen­sion will now rise by 2.5 per cent, in­fla­tion or earn­ings – whichever is high­est.

How­ever, we need your sup­port to fin­ish the job of eco­nomic re­cov­ery. Labour and the SNP are promis­ing more bor­row­ing, higher taxes and less se­cu­rity. We can’t af­ford to let them put our fu­ture at risk. The Scot­tish Con­ser­va­tive plan for the next five years is sim­ple: elim­i­nate the deficit, cre­ate more jobs, take more of the low­est paid out of in­come tax and begin to pay back our debts.

There’s also one more in­cred­i­bly im­por­tant rea­son I’m ask­ing you to vote for me: our Union. We can’t let Labour gam­ble our union by get­ting into back­room deals with the SNP. I won’t do a deal with the SNP. I will put Glas­gow South and our coun­try first – al­ways.

So if you want David Cameron to be Prime Min­is­ter, if you think Ruth David­son is a fan­tas­tic spokesper­son for Scot­land and if you want to se­cure our econ­omy and se­cure our union, I’m ask­ing you to vote Scot­tish Con­ser­va­tive on May 7. A vote for any­one else risks our econ­omy and risks our Union.

Labour For­mer Prime Min­is­ter Gor­don Brown, vis­its Labour’s Glas­gow South can­di­date Tom Har­ris (from left) with his mother-in­law May Mof­fat, son Jack (11), Jamie (8), wife Carolyn and Tom

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