How to beat those bunkers

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The sand is sel­dom a nice place for a golfer to be, but by fol­low­ing th­ese few tips, it could be less daunt­ing next time you find your­self in a bunker.

If the ball is sit­ting nicely, try and imag­ine a cir­cle around it. The idea is to splash the cir­cle away, with the sand reach­ing the green even be­fore the ball does.

You should be hit­ting the sand a few inches be­fore the ball, mak­ing sure you get enough on it to get it out the trap.

For all bunker shots, take a wide stance, po­si­tion the ball to the left of cen­tre, with the your hands slightly be­hind the ball.

Start with a square club­face, but roll it early in the swing so when you come down it’s open slightly.

Break your wrists ear­lier and be con­fi­dent enough to hit the ball out, go­ing right through and com­plet­ing the swing.

If your ball is plugged, you need to keep the club­face square and hit down on the sand, more so you can dig it out.

A plugged ball will run fur­ther than a ball sit­ting nicely, so you will need to take more at­ten­tion to the un­du­la­tions of the green.

Dun­can of­fers some good ad­vice on mak­ing sure you can get out of the sand traps with not too much has­sle

Kirkhill PGA pro­fes­sional Dun­can Wil­liamson passes on tips

Get­ting out Make sure you hit right through the shot tak­ing the sand be­fore the ball. Try and get the sand to reach the green be­fore the ball does

Egg-strao­d­i­nary Imag­ine the ball is the mid­dle of a cracked egg when play­ing a shot from a bunker. The idea is to splash the cir­cle away

On the beach Take a wide stance with the ball left from cen­tre. Start with your hands slightly be­hind the ball and break your wrists early to open the club face

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