How to beat the sabo­teurs!

Beat­ing temp­ta­tion to lose weight

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Who are your sabo­teurs when it comes to weight loss and healthy eat­ing?

If you’ve ever had a friend or fam­ily mem­ber say to you, “Go on, have a cake - you de­serve it,” or “Just one won’t hurt,” or even “You should treat your­self now and again,” it can be re­ally frus­trat­ing, espe­cially if you do suc­cumb to the temp­ta­tion that’s been put in front of you.

Be­ing a Weight Watcher my­self I know that I do treat my­self at least once a day!

Our mem­bers learn how to deal with these sit­u­a­tions and still en­joy so­cial­is­ing with friends and fam­ily.

There are many dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions where this can hap­pen. Out with friends for cof­fee, in your work place, at the cin­ema with the kids or even safely at home with your part­ner.

Some­times be­ing in con­trol of the lo­ca­tion can make a dif­fer­ence. If you choose where you go for lunch or cof­fee, you can stay away from the cof­fee shop with a huge cakes whose ProPoints val­ues can equate to nearly a av­er­age day’s food in­take.

Go to the cin­ema where you can get cof­fee, take your own healthy snacks with you and buy snacks for the kids to take with them in small por­tions to save everyone overeat­ing.

Ask your­self if your sabo­teur is re­sent­ful or jeal­ous of your weight loss and how good you are look­ing. De­cide how you are go­ing to deal with their ef­forts to sab­o­tage your good in­ten­tions. By do­ing this you will be more in con­trol the next time you are faced with the same sit­u­a­tion

Say­ing things like “I’m not hun­gry just now”, “I don’t re­ally fancy that just now,” or “I’m re­ally full and couldn’t eat an­other thing,” can be re­ally ef­fec­tive. Ex­plain how im­por­tant it is to you to lose weight and be more healthy and ask the sabo­teur for their help. Ask your part­ner to give you non food treats in­stead of choco­late or wine.

Do you think you sab­o­tage your­self? We can be our own worst enemy. Think about how many times you have said to your­self, “I will start again on Mon­day.” Don’t get trapped in this vi­cious cir­cle. If you have a bad day or even a bad week forget it and move on.

Don’t hit the self de­struct but­ton al­ways look for the pos­i­tive in ev­ery sit­u­a­tion.

You can lose weight, you will be healthy, you CAN make a dif­fer­ence!

Look up your local meet­ings at www.weight­watch­er­slo­

Fiona Pe­di­ani, who comes from King’s Park, is a Weight Watch­ers leader. Straw­berry and lemon but­ter­fly cakes

Makes 12. Prepa­ra­tion time: 15 min­utes. Cook time: 20 min­utes, plus cool­ing.

In­gre­di­ents: 125g mar­garine; 125g caster sugar; two eggs, beaten; 75g straw­ber­ries; one tea­spoon of vanilla ex­tract; one tea­spoon of grated lemon zest; 150g self-rais­ing flour. For the top­ping: 100g low-far soft cheese; 15g ic­ing sugar; one tea­spoon lemon juice; one tea­spoon grated lemon zest; six straw­ber­ries, halved. Method: Pre­head the over to 180 de­grees C/fan 160 de­grees C/gas mark four. Put 12 pa­per cases into a bun tray.

Beat the mar­garine and sugar in a large mixing bowl un­til light and fluffy. Slowly add the eggs, beat­ing well be­tween each ad­di­tion. Chop the straw­ber­ries and add them, along with the vanilla ex­trace and lemon zest.

Sift in the flour and fold in gen­tly with a metal spoon. Di­vide the mix­ture be­tween the cake cases.

Bake in the cen­tre of the over for 18-20 min­utes un­til golden. Cool in the tin for a few min­utes then trans­fer to a wire rack to cool com­pletely.

To make the top­ping, beat to­gether the soft cheese, ic­ing sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest. Slice the tops off the cakes and cut them in half. Spoon the top­ping onto the cakse, put the cake halves on top and dec­o­rate with half a straw­berry.

Good ad­vice

Fiona Pe­di­ani from King’s Park

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