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Hav­ing re­cently be­come the owner of a Bis­hon Frise pup. I thought I would en­gage a dog trainer and be­hav­iour con­sul­tant to help me give my dog the best chance of be­ing a well-man­nered and pleas­ant dog to have and take around.

So on Tues­day, to my hor­ror, when in Over­toun Park with my grand­daugh­ter, my dog and the trainer, when we were work­ing away with my pup, all of a sud­den a large dog came pound­ing over to me try­ing to get the treats from my hand.

I was hold­ing the treats to re­in­force the train­ing with my pup. The dog was jump­ing on me and then it was joined by “build­ing so­cial cap­i­tal, cre­at­ing lo­cal and re­gional em­ploy­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties and rev­enue to ad­dress com­mu­nity devel­op­ment needs linked to com­bat­ing fuel poverty.” Does she not know that the huge sub­si­dies our gov­ern­ment pays out to wind de­vel­op­ers comes from our bills and of course hits the poor­est the hard­est? £1.8bil­lion has been paid out to op­er­a­tors since May 2007 in the form of a sub­sidy known as the Re­new­able Obli­ga­tion.

In­tro­duced by the UK Labour Gov­ern­ment to en­cour­age in­vest­ment in re­new­ables, the money is re­couped via a sup­ple­ment added to all do­mes­tic and com­mer­cial elec­tric­ity bills. Ac­cord­ing to the Re­new­able En­ergy Foun­da­tion the levy adds al­most £69 to the av­er­age house­hold’s cost of living, with £33 of that in elec­tric­ity charges alone.

Ad­di­tion­ally, as our na­tional grid sys­tem can­not cope with power ef­fi­ciently and ef­fec­tively, it’s the gov­ern­ment that pays out again to switch the wind tur­bines off. The Na­tional Grid has paid out al­most £80 mil­lion to wind farm op­er­a­tors in Scot­land since 2010 to shut down their tur­bines and keep them idle. More lo­cally £12m was paid out last year to an­other. The own­ers re­called them but un­for­tu­nately that didn’t help. Even­tu­ally one of them went to his owner but the other was determined to get the food.

Af­ter a while the re­triev­ers owner came over to get it and said to me,“he wants the treats”as if I was to blame for hav­ing them. Now, you would think that would have been that, but no, 10 min­utes later fur­ther on in the park, it hap­pened again with the same dogs joined this time by yet an­other - two of the dogs now jump­ing on me and an­other go­ing around me.

If it wasn’t for the trainer keep­ing both my grand­daugh­ter and my­self switch the nearby Ea­gle­sham tur­bines off. This is all paid for by the public.

It strikes me that Health ‘n’ Happy’s pro­posal is lu­di­crous. They are well and truly caught up in the great spin wind rip off by hit­ting those in fuel poverty and mak­ing their cir­cum­stances worse. Their pro­posal plain and sim­ply is an abuse of public money never mind char­i­ta­ble money.

Does Jane not know that it is mostly the Ger­mans and Dan­ish that build th­ese tur­bines? The jobs for Scot­land in the re­new­able in­dus­tries are few and far be­tween. Have CO2 fig­ures gone down as the re­sult of an in­crease in tur­bines across Scot­land? No, they haven’t, they have gone up and Scot­land is fail­ing mis­er­ably to reach its tar­gets to re­duce CO2 emis­sions.

The wealthy landown­ers and of­ten for­eign owned com­pa­nies are the ones who are ben­e­fit­ing very well fi­nan­cially from this scam. Just be­cause the pro­posed money pro­duced from op­er­at­ing this sin­gle wind tur­bine is to be fed into the Cam­bus­lang and Ruther­glen com­mu­nity, with a size­able amount go­ing to Flem­ing­ton Farm, does not make this pro­posal right for so many rea­sons.

Name and ad­dress sup­plied. calm I would have been scared stiff. (I was scared stiff but fol­lowed his in­struc­tions to ap­pear calm).

What if I had been a child with sweets or some­one just en­joy­ing a sand­wich, it doesn’t bare think­ing about. It wasn’t my pup that at­tracted th­ese large dogs, as she was with the trainer. It was the smell of treats.

The dog trainer said dog own­ers should never give treats or ac­cept treat from oth­ers as this is ex­actly what hap­pen.

The other thing about dogs off lead, is with own­ers who are now hav­ing a nice chat no longer know where their dogs are toi­let­ing so there­fore the poo bags re­main folded within their pock­ets for an­other time and any chil­dren en­joy­ing the park get cov­ered in dog poo.

Over­toun Park is not a doggy park it is a public park for the use of all, where peo­ple are al­lowed to pic­nic, play ball and run about freely with out the worry of be­ing pounced on by dogs, or in­deed get­ting cov­ered in dog poo. It is a nice park to walk your dog on lead and meet peo­ple.

Shame that was not my ex­pe­ri­ence on that day. Mrs F McGrath, 58 Lime­side Av­enue, Ruther­glen.

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