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Most vege­tar­i­ans I speak to tell me that the one thing that may con­vert them back to be­ing meat eaters would be the hum­ble ba­con sand­wich.

There is just some­thing about the meat that comes from a pig that makes peo­ple go wild.

Un­like most other meats, it crisps up so well when grilled or fried and has a nat­u­ral salti­ness that helps cure hang­overs and food crav­ings in equal mea­sures.

Another part of this ma­jes­tic beast that gets less pub­lic­ity than ba­con is the pork belly.

If pork belly made up one of your five a day then I would con­sider re­vis­ing your life ex­pectancy.

Be­fore it goes in to the oven for cook­ing, it has a layer of fat about an inch thick ( what the heck are pigs eat­ing?) which ren­ders down to about half that thick­ness dur­ing cook­ing, glaz­ing the suc­cu­lent pork meat be­low it and leav­ing you with an un­be­liev­ably crunchy crack­ling.

The meat it­self does need a bit of help.

My tip is to sit the pork belly in a bak­ing tray with some care­fully cho­sen veg­eta­bles and chicken stock cov­er­ing the meat but leav­ing the skin ex­posed to the dry heat of the oven to crisp up.

Step 1 – pre­par­ing the belly

Sit the belly, flesh side down, on a chop­ping board and score the skin in di­ag­o­nal lines to a depth of about two cen­time­tres. Do not pierce the ac­tual meat. You should cre­ate a se­ries of diamond shapes across the whole of the skin.

Rub a gen­er­ous amount of rock salt in to all the grooves and grind some pep­per on top.

Step 2 – roast­ing the belly

Place the belly in an oven dish and add enough chicken stock to cover the meat only.

It is ab­so­lutely cru­cial that this stock does not cover any of the skin or fat which you have al­ready scored.

Place some chopped car­rots, onions, gar­lic and ap­ple in with the stock and put in the oven at 180 for about three hours.

Re­move the belly and al­low to rest for 15 min­utes or so.

Step 3 – sim­ple sauce

Re­move the veg­eta­bles from the oven dish and strain all the cook­ing juices through a colan­der in to a pot.

Add a cup of white wine and re­duce the liq­uid down by half to in­ten­sify the flavour.

Add a splash of sin­gle cream and some finely chopped pars­ley.

Serve the pork with the veg­eta­bles which have been set aside and some rice or pota­toes.

You can find out more at David’s web­site www.tur­tle­dove­ca­ter­ing. com

Suc­cu­lent or pota­toes

tasty pork belly with roasted veg­eta­bles served up with rice

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