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Last week I was com­ing out of the Na­tional Mu­seum of Ru­ral Life at Kit­tochside in East Kil­bride, when I re­alised that the heavy down­pour had stopped and it had turned to a light driz­zle.

In­wardly say­ing a quiet prayer of thanks, I made my way to the car park gingerly step­ping over the wa­ter run­ning down the slope, an­gry with my­self for wear­ing san­dals not shoes.

Just then a fa­ther with his young son crossed over

“Oh daddy, look! There’s a baby river” came the ex­cited voice of the lit­tle boy. “And here’s another - and another Daddy there are lots of baby rivers!”

“Yes,” said his dad, “lots of baby rivers,” catch­ing his son’s ex­cite­ment.

That lit­tle boy cheered me up no end—no longer did I feel ir­ri­tated at the streams of wa­ter flow­ing down the path, now I saw them with the boy’s eyes – as baby rivers!

Why is it that as we grow older, we lose that sense of won­der for the world around us, that chil­dren have and see only ob­sta­cles or dis­tur­bances to our lives?

I won­der if that was what Je­sus was get­ting at when He said to the dis­ci­ples around Him, who had asked Him: “Who is the great­est in the king­dom of heaven?

“Un­less you change and be­come like chil­dren, you will never en­ter the king­dom of heaven.”

What­ever the weather or your sit­u­a­tion, I hope that you can en­joy see­ing the world through the eyes of won­der of a child at least once dur­ing the com­ing week — it cer­tainly changed me on that day last week!

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