Over the past few weeks the Re­former has been print­ing the school awards from Cathkin High.

Rutherglen Reformer - - CATHKIN HIGH SCHOOL AWARDS -

We wrap up with the third year re­sults - well done to all the pupils for their achieve­ments.

3B1 An­gela Ai­ton Art & De­sign and Drama and Hos­pi­tal­ity

3B1 Alix An­gell Bi­ol­ogy, English, French, Mod­ern Stud­ies, Mu­sic and School Award for Con­cert Band

3B1 Amy Bryce­land Bi­ol­ogy, French, History, Maths, Mod­ern Stud­ies, PE, School Award for Gym­nas­tics Team, Sil­ver in High Jump, Bronze in Long Jump and dis­cus 3B1 Lau­ren Cooper Art & De­sign 3B1 Oliver Dalby Bi­ol­ogy, Chem­istry, English, French, Ge­og­ra­phy, PE, Physics, Gold in Long Jump

3B1 Ju­lia Davie Art & De­sign, Ge­og­ra­phy, Mu­sic and Span­ish and School Award for Con­cert Band 3B1 So­phie Den­nis­toun Mod­ern Stud­ies 3B1 Cal­lum Fer­gus Chem­istry, Maths and


3B1 Kirsty Lit­tle Chem­istry Home Eco­nom­ics and Maths

3B1 Adam MacPher­son Art & De­sign, Chem­istry, English, French, Maths and Physics

3B1 Emma McVey Bi­ol­ogy, Dance, English, French, Maths, Mod­ern Stud­ies, Mu­sic and School Award for Gym­nas­tics Team

3B1 Ryan New­big­ging Chem­istry, History, Maths and RE 3B1 Ryan Smith PE and Sil­ver in 1500m 3B2 Sta­cie Agnew Hos­pi­tal­ity 3B2 David Car­ruthers History, Maths and Mu­sic

3B2 Chris Cooper Com­put­ing Stud­ies, RE and School Award for Elec­tion to Scot­tish Par­lia­ment 3B2 David Gard­ner Ge­og­ra­phy 3B2 Josh Hall School Award for Football Team

3B2 Calum Lamont Bi­ol­ogy, Graphic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, Ge­og­ra­phy, Maths and RE

3B2 Lau­ren McAl­lis­ter Art & De­sign, Chem­istry, Ge­og­ra­phy, Hos­pi­tal­ity and Maths 3B2 Trey Mor­ri­son Busi­ness 3B2 Lisa Pri­est­ley Art & De­sign, Bi­ol­ogy, Chem­istry, Ge­og­ra­phy, Maths, Mu­sic and School Award for Wind Band and Jazz Band

3B2 Lau­ren Sweeney Bi­ol­ogy, Maths Gold in High Jump and Javelin and Sil­ver in Long Jump

3C1 Louise Fel­lows Art & De­sign and Hos­pi­tal­ity 3C1 Ross Flynn Drama 3C1 Jor­dan Lisco Graphic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Maths

3C1 Ewan MacLeod Bi­ol­ogy, Chem­istry, English, History, PE and School Award for Football Team

3C1 Max McCall Dance and School Award for Dance

3C1 El­lise McDon­ald Art & De­sign, Bi­ol­ogy, History and RE

3C1 Kayleigh Mitchell French and Hos­pi­tal­ity

3C1 Pa­van Pal History, Maths and Gold in Shot Putt and Dis­cus

3C1 Fraser Park Art & De­sign, Chem­istry, Ge­og­ra­phy, Graphic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, Physics and RE

3C1 Stephanie Pat­ter­son Ad­min­is­tra­tion, Ge­og­ra­phy, Maths and Mu­sic

3C1 Lucy Rosen­bloom Busi­ness, English, Ge­og­ra­phy, History, PE and Bronze in Javelin 3C1 Con­nor Ross Bronze in 1500m 3C1 Laura Rus­sell Ad­min­is­tra­tion, Busi­ness, Bi­ol­ogy, French, Maths and Mod­ern Stud­ies 3C1 Daniel Thompson Hos­pi­tal­ity 3C2 Eve Cun­ning­ham Ge­og­ra­phy, Hos­pi­tal­ity and RE

3C2 Christo­pher Cuth­bert­son Chem­istry, Com­put­ing Stud­ies, Mu­sic and PE

3C2 Kirsty Fell Art & De­sign, Bi­ol­ogy, Chem­istry, Ge­og­ra­phy, Hos­pi­tal­ity, Mu­sic and School Award for Con­cert Band 3C2 Graeme Gibb Maths and RE 3C2 Rob­bie Heaney Maths and PE 3C2 Amy MacQuar­rie Hos­pi­tal­ity 3C2 Nathan McCue Maths 3C2 Char­lie Reid Chem­istry and Hos­pi­tal­ity 3C2 Iqra Tariq Bi­ol­ogy, Ge­og­ra­phy, Hos­pi­tal­ity, Maths and Span­ish

3C2 Bethany Turner Maths and RE

3C2 Scott Tweedie Ge­og­ra­phy, Maths and Physics

3C2 An­drew Web­ster Chem­istry and Sil­ver in Long Jump, dis­cus and Javelin 3C2 Kyle Wil­liamson Maths 3K1 Mur­ray Breen Ge­og­ra­phy 3K1 Lewis Cal­laghan Chem­istry, Mu­sic, PE and Sil­ver in Shot Putt 3K1 Jay Cowan Maths 3K1 Lau­ren English School Award for Gym­nas­tics Team

3K1 Re­bekah Gem­mell Bi­ol­ogy, Drama, English, History and RE

3K1 Marisa Hay Art & De­sign, Dance, Ge­og­ra­phy and School Award for Dance

3K1 Jamie Hogg Bi­ol­ogy, Chem­istry, English, Ge­og­ra­phy and Physics

3K1 Lau­ren McCal­lum Bi­ol­ogy, Chem­istry, English, Ge­og­ra­phy and History

3K1 Amy Mor­ton Drama and Gold in Dis­cus

3K1 Drew Pol­lock Art & De­sign, Chem­istry, English, Ge­og­ra­phy, Mu­sic, PE and Physics

3K1 Ni­amh Wil­son Art & De­sign, Chem­istry, English and Maths

3K2 Ewan Doig Chem­istry, History, Maths, PE and Physics

3K2 James Find­lay De­sign & Man­u­fac­ture, Graphic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, Maths, Mu­sic and Physics

3K2 Mor­ganleigh Grant Sil­ver in 400m and 1500m

3K2 Alex Hart Chem­istry and Com­put­ing Stud­ies

3K2 Alexan­der Ko­rakiani­tis Ge­og­ra­phy, Physics and RE

3K2 Mor­ven McI­nally Art & De­sign, De­sign & Man­u­fac­ture, Ge­og­ra­phy, Graphic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Maths

3K2 Alee­sha McKil­lop Dance and School

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