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It is time to get up and glow as there is a new makeup ob­ses­sion sweep­ing the In­sta­gram world and be­yond.

It is a great look that has been show­cased on the pages of the best fash­ion mag­a­zines and it has had online make-up vlog­gers go­ing into melt­down as they vie to upload the best how-to video.

Con­tour­ing is fi­nally get­ting a rest (hur­ray!) for now ... as strob­ing is the new look on the block.

The thing is, this tech­nique has ac­tu­ally been around for­ever! It’s just that re­cently it seems to have been given a re­boot.

Back in the day, the likes of Mar­i­lyn Monroe boasted a strobed face in many of her stu­dio pub­lic­ity shots - it’s not a new thing, just a new name. So if you are look­ing to up your glam quo­tient then go for a strobed face.

To achieve the look sim­ply ap­ply a heavy high­light to bring lots of light to your face and make it glow.

A strobed face is achieved by ap­ply­ing the high­lighter where the sun would nat­u­rally hit your face, in­clud­ing the bridge of the nose, tip of the chin, cen­tre of the fore­head, cu­pid’s bow, brow bones, and cheek­bones.

The process can even be­gin be­fore you even ap­ply your foun­da­tion by us­ing a ra­di­ance­boost­ing primer or a very emol­lient mois­turiser.

And, un­like con­tour­ing, ev­ery­one re­ally can achieve this look by them­selves.

Depend­ing on your skin type, you have a choice of us­ing cream or pow­der high­lighters.

L’Oreal Paris true match Lumi, liq­uid glow il­lu­mi­na­tor is amaz­ing, as is Ur­ban De­cay’s naked skin beauty balm in Il­lu­mi­nat­ing.

It’s a beau­ti­ful look which suits ev­ery­one and it has been ex­pertly show­cased by none other than the queen of the In­sta­gram selfie Kim Kar­dashian.

It’s a great look for a night out be­cause in very dim light you don’t see colour and de­tail, you see high­light and shadow, so strob­ing will give your face an ethe­real glow. Cher once sang‘If I could turn back time...’. How many of us have had a look in the mir­ror and thought just that?!

A few too many late nights, week­ends where the cock­tail count would make Tom Cruise blush and ... hor­ror ... hol­i­days spent roast­ing and toast­ing in the sun ... it all takes its toll on our faces even­tu­ally.

But there are prod­ucts out there that can help blur the rav­ages and ease the dam­age a lit­tle.

This month’s prod­uct, well two ac­tu­ally, come cour­tesy of Kiehl’s - Iris Ex­tract Ac­ti­vat­ing Treat­ment Essence and Mid­night Re­cov­ery Con­cen­trate.

I love the Kiehl’s Store. I much pre­fer the apothe­cary vibe it has com­pared to the glitz of a depart­ment store per­fumery.

I’m also not a fan of fancy boxed an­ti­age­ing prod­ucts. I’m very aware of their lim­i­ta­tions and have very re­al­is­tic ex­pec­ta­tions when it comes to my own skin con­cerns.

I also be­lieve that good healthy skin comes from within.Y our wa­ter in­take, diet and lifestyle will de­ter­mine the skin you have now and in the fu­ture. If you are still in your 20s and early 30s, it won’t show yet, but by your late thir­ties and 40s all will be re­vealed.

My par­ty­ing might be over, but my skin some­times re­veals the fun I had in my 20s. But all is not lost!!

Some prod­ucts re­ally do what they say on the tin I’m re­lieved to say. Nat­u­rally de­rived in­gre­di­ents is key here. No, they can’t and won’t turn the clock back, but they will im­prove the look and feel of your skin, which will make it look softer so it ap­pears a lit­tle younger.

Kiehl’s Iris Ex­tract is a vel­vety liq­uid con­cen­trate full of nat­u­ral hy­drat­ing prod­ucts to give your skin ra­di­ance and re­store hy­dra­tion.

Use it morn­ing and night by pour­ing a few drops into your palm and press it into the skin. Ap­ply to cleansed skin be­fore your serum and/or mois­turiser.

My skin was look­ing re­ally dull so this seemed the per­fect choice to perk it up and it has!

I’ve also been us­ing Kiehl’s Mid­night Re­cov­ery, aka ‘Mid­night Magic’ Con­cen­trate on top and there cer­tainly has been an im­prove­ment in my skin.

I love the con­cen­tra­tion of plant-de­rived oils, plus care­fully se­lected es­sen­tial oils, they smell devine.

Kiehl’s sell one of these mir­a­cle po­tions glob­ally ev­ery minute, which speaks for it­self!

Night time is the best time for our skin to ab­sorb these ac­tive in­gre­di­ents so you will awaken look­ing re­freshed and ready to face the day.

So pop into the Kiehl’s store in Buchanan Street, Glas­gow, for a look ... your face will thank you for it. If you’d like to

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