Fam­i­lies are set to lose out

Tax credit change to af­fect thou­sands

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Fam­i­lies in Ruther­glen and Hamil­ton West could be set to lose out on £ 6.3mil­lion if con­tro­ver­sial cuts to tax cred­its go ahead.

Around 8400 fam­i­lies, ac­count­ing for 12,300 chil­dren, in the con­stituency could be af­fected by the changes an­nounced by Chan­cel­lor Ge­orge Os­borne.

The fig­ures are the high­est in South La­nark­shire.

In com­par­i­son, 6300 fam­i­lies will be af­fected in the neigh­bour­ing East Kil­bride con­stituency, 6900 in Glas­gow Cen­tral and 6800 in Glas­gow South.

The fig­ures were re­leased this week by Lib­eral Demo­crat coun­cil­lor, Robert Brown, who is stand­ing on the Glas­gow list at next year’s Scot­tish Elec­tion.

The are based on an anal­y­sis done by the Lib­eral Democrats on in­for­ma­tion pro­vided by the House of Com­mons Li­brary.

Coun­cil­lor Brown, who rep­re­sents Ruther­glen South, said: “There is grow­ing out­rage across Bri­tain against the to­tal in­jus­tice of th­ese changes from the Con­ser­va­tive Gov­ern­ment.

“The peo­ple who will lose out most are work­ing fam­i­lies on low or mid­dle in­comes and their chil­dren.

“The Tories are tak­ing hun­dreds of mil­lions of pounds away from fam­i­lies across Scot­land in this po­si­tion – and £6.3mil­lion lost to the lo­cal econ­omy here in Ruther­glen and Hamil­ton West is a lot of money out of the pock­ets of many peo­ple who can ill af­ford it.

“I can­not see how David Cameron and Ge­orge Os­borne can de­fend this – they seem more con­cerned to pro­tect the in­ter­ests of those at the top of the pile than to help or­di­nary fam­i­lies on mod­est in­comes.”

How­ever, Tay­lor Muir, who is stand­ing for the Tories in Ruther­glen at next year’s elec­tion, de­fended the changes.

He said: “We are still in a po­si­tion where we are bor­row­ing far too much so dif­fi­cult choices have to be made. In­deed that was some­thing the Lib­eral Democrats and Robert Brown sup­ported for the last five years. I won­der if the change of heart is more to do with their elec­toral wipe­out than any­thing else.

“Also, you can’t look at the changes to tax cred­its in iso­la­tion. When you take into ac­count the in­creases in the per­sonal al­lowance, our move to­wards a na­tional liv­ing wage and in­creased avail­abil­ity of tax free child­care, most fam­i­lies will be sig­nif­i­cantly bet­ter off with our changes.

“I would echo Ruth David­son’s sug­ges­tion that the Chan­cel­lor keeps this un­der close re­view and if hard­work­ing fam­i­lies are go­ing to be worse off then we make ad­just­ments to pre­vent that.”

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