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I am think­ing of start­ing a protest group.— A group to protest against the use of the word “only” in so many ad­ver­tise­ments.

I was be­hind a mother and a boy about seven years old who was ob­vi­ously try­ing to per­suade her to buy some­thing –I didn’t hear what but what I did hear was “but it is only £49.99.”

That was out­side the shop. When I came home the TV was ad­ver­tis­ing tele­vi­sions at “only” £599, and I opened up my post which in­cluded an ad­vert for a Cruise “from only” £799 pp.

To put the word “only” in front of th­ese prices de­means the gift it­self and the giver.

It is al­most say­ing this gift does not cost much and there are much more ex­pen­sive gifts and that the giver ac­tu­ally doesn’t care much be­cause they have cho­sen to pay “only” what­ever the price is listed

Un­less you hap­pen to be a mil­lion­aire or very wealthy to buy any of th­ese three items would en­tail a num­ber of hours of work, a sac­ri­fice of giv­ing up other things in or­der to af­ford th­ese.

In turn this would mean the giver must care such a lot about the per­son they were giv­ing this so there is noth­ing “only” about the price and cer­tainly not about the value of that gift or the sac­ri­fice made by the giver.

This Christ­mas time let’s not be taken in by the de­mean­ing of the value of gifts and their giver by that word “only”.

Let us also, in all the hustle and bus­tle spare a mo­ment to think of the great­est gift of all—a baby born in a stable to a hum­ble car­pen­ter and his wife.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that ev­ery­one who be­lieves in him may have eter­nal life ( John ch 3 v16).

May you have a peace­ful and blessed Christ­mas. Joy Weight­man As­so­ciate Min­is­ter Cam­bus­lang Bap­tist Church

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