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The as­so­ciate med­i­cal di­rec­tor of NHS La­nark­shire, Dr Christopher Mack­in­tosh, has con­firmed to me that pa­tients in Ruther­glen and Cam­bus­lang can con­tinue to use Glas­gow hos­pi­tals for tests and treat­ment.

This fol­lows my ex­pe­ri­ence of be­ing told by my GP at Ruther­glen Pri­mary Care Cen­tre that I would have to at­tend Mon­k­lands Hos­pi­tal in Air­drie – a two-hour jour­ney on two buses and the same back – to have an ur­gent scan.

Dr Mack­in­tosh states: “In plan­ning the change of bound­ary, it was agreed at the out­set that hos­pi­tal flows would not change as a direct re­sult of the changes to health board bound­aries.

“To this end pa­tients in Ruther­glen and Cam­bus­lang can con­tinue to ac­cess the same acute hos­pi­tal ser­vices in Glas­gow. This con­tin­ues to be the case.

“I can con­firm that as part of the process to change bound­aries all GP prac­tices were com­mu­ni­cated with.”

Dr Mack­in­tosh has also of­fered to reaf­firm this with the prac­tice con­cerned.

I still do not know why I was told Mon­k­lands by my GP. When I ques­tioned this all I was told was “we’re in NHS La­nark­shire now.”

It seems crys­tal clear that no one should be told this in re­la­tion to hos­pi­tal tests. Dorothy Con­nor Ruther­glen

cut by three per cent, coun­cil bud­gets have been cut by six per cent.

He fails to men­tion that the costs of po­lice and fire ser­vices have moved from coun­cils to the Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment.

This rep­re­sents a move of 3.8 per cent of costs away from coun­cils.

Coun­cil­lor Ger­ard Killen is then quoted as say­ing: “Over the last two years the Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment had a £794 mil­lion un­der­spend - £444m in 2013-14 and £350m last year”.

His in­fer­ence is that a to­tal of £794m is lost to the econ­omy.

Ac­tu­ally, while there was £444m un­der­spend in 2013-14, this saved money be­came avail­able to spend in 2014-15.

The Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment then spent their full bud­get in 2014-15 plus £70m of the pre­vi­ous year’s saved “un­der­spend”.

So this still leaves £374m of that £444m avail­able to spend over the next years, when the UK will be cut­ting fund­ing even more. So the £794m fig­ure is mean­ing­less. If th­ese coun­cil­lors helped make the case against the UK Gov­ern­ment aus­ter­ity poli­cies in­stead of dis­trac­tive Scot­tish in-fight­ing this would be of greater ben­e­fit to the peo­ple they are meant to rep­re­sent. Jim Stamper Ruther­glen out­side in this weather and there was a Costa ma­chine in­side not work­ing so couldn’t get him a tea or a cof­fee but we got a wee sand­wich, crisps and juice deal and stood and chat­ted to him for a wee while.

He was an ex-sol­dier from Belfast and is try­ing to move back there as he can’t get a job or a house here for love nor money.

Be­fore any­one slams me for “all of a sud­den car­ing for the home­less” it’s some­thing I have al­ways cared about. When I was 18 and work­ing in an of­fice in town an el­derly woman used to sleep in the door­way of a church in Bath Street and I used to take clothes and food to her in the morn­ings and have al­ways given to peo­ple on the street when I can.

Olly was given money by my dad for the panto and with­out any prompt­ing gave the man all of his money, say­ing he hopes it helped his bus fare to Belfast, not really un­der­stand­ing where Belfast is.

He then asked about him at the in­ter­val of the panto and af­ter the panto asked if we could go back and see him but he was away.

Now ly­ing here tucked up on the couch, watch­ing ‘ET’ and think­ing of the poor guy and hun­dreds of oth­ers out there in that weather.

Olly keeps say­ing “but we have a spare room and so does gran can he not stay there?”

I’m so, so proud of my wee guy to­day. He has a huge heart.

I know his pocket money won’t make much dif­fer­ence in the grand scheme of things but it made the guy smile for a sec­ond at least. Kirsty Steel via Face­book “I think even Andy Mur­ray said there was not enough spent in ten­nis,”said Alexandra Cameron from Burn­side.“There’s definitely some­thing that can be done. It keeps them off the streets. It can com­bat obe­sity and get them play­ing out­side again.”




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