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So you have de­cided to take up golf this spring then it is time to get or­gan­ised and make sure you have all the equip­ment you need to get started.

Golf balls are con­sid­ered to be of a two, three, or four piece de­sign, which is re­fer­ring to the num­ber of lay­ers used to con­struct the ball.

Heav­ier, harder balls tend to travel far­ther while softer balls al­low for more spin.

The four layer de­sign is the most ex­pen­sive, but that doesn’t mean it’s nec­es­sar­ily the best de­sign for your golf game. When you first start out, try us­ing all three styles to see which ball suits your needs.

The other no­tice­able fac­tor of a golf ball is its dim­ples. With up to 450 dim­ples, a golf ball de­pends upon th­ese in­den­ta­tions in or­der to sail smoothly through the air.

The more in­den­ta­tions on a golf ball, the bet­ter the aero­dy­nam­ics of the ball.

Golf clubs and tees

You can have up to 14 golf clubs on the green with you. The three main types of clubs in­clude the woods, irons, and put­ters.

The woods are used for long shots when shoot­ing from the tee. Irons al­low for more pre­ci­sion and are of­ten used on the fair­way.

A put­ter is a club that doesn’t al­low the ball to loft into the air too much, mak­ing it the ideal club for putting the ball when

close to the hole.

Golf bags

You will need a bag to carry all of your equip­ment. Bags have lots of com­part­ments and a strap for easy car­ry­ing.

It is sug­gested not just car­ry­ing a golf bag but also in­vest­ing in a side-bag from a de­cent, trust­wor­thy la­bel like Hed­gren or Kipling, some­thing you can use to carry your non-golf items in close to your body.

Golf shoes

You may also want to in­vest in golf shoes, which have short spikes on the bot­tom to make walk­ing on the green eas­ier.

As you learn more about the game of golf, you’ll find out which pieces of equip­ment you need.

Top kit

there is a vast range of golf equip­ment on the mar­ket

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