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Don’t be afraid to clash prints. A mix­ture of flo­ral prints – such as in this room – will bring a large space to life, with­out it look­ing like a show home where ev­ery­thing is match­ing. A room should have char­ac­ter, just like you.

Make a change when it comes to floor­ing – a dis­tressed rug is a great op­tion. The large ex­panse of print will cover up cold floor­ing and lift the room from the get- go. Plus, the worn look will not be as over­pow­er­ing as a crazy pat­tern.

Use a screen in­stead of a heavy cur­tain. This will still let in light at the top, while look­ing lovely too, and it’s great for when you want some pri­vacy. Screens will also block cold air out bet­ter than non-lined cur­tains or blinds.

Em­brace colour. Blues paired with creams or white can change the mood of a room by mak­ing it seem cold but with added pops of reds and or­anges you in­stantly cre­ate a cosier at­mos­phere.

Leave walls plain or go with a sim­ple wall­pa­per. This will give the il­lu­sion of high ceil­ings. When you have a heav­ily printed space, too much can be a headache.

Take your time when find­ing your pieces. Search in vin­tage or char­ity shops to get hold of unique items. This will also make a mish-mash of eras, giv­ing your room in­trigue.

In­ject some block colour into a heav­ily printed room, such as this sofa. It will not only give an ac­cent but also break up a lot of pat­terns. It will draw the eye away from the print, mak­ing the space seem more clean.

Pair dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes to­gether, for ex­am­ple with fur­ni­ture at var­ied heights. This creates in­ter­est with­out adding more pieces to an al­ready

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