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The si­lence from Con­ser­va­tives in Scot­land has been deaf­en­ing since the bud­get and par­tic­u­larly since Iain Dun­can Smith’s res­ig­na­tion.

Scot­tish Tory leader Ruth David­son de­clared af­ter the bud­get that Ge­orge Os­borne’s tax cuts for the bet­ter off were “ab­so­lutely the right thing to do”.

Yet we now know they were paid for pound-for-pound by cruel cuts to per­sonal in­de­pen­dence pay­ments which sup­port peo­ple with dis­abil­i­ties.

I find it hard to see how the Con­ser­va­tives can be­gin to jus­tify th­ese pro­pos­als. Frankly this disas­ter de­serves to de­stroy the Con­ser­va­tive Party’s sup­port in Scot­land for a gen­er­a­tion.

Iain Dun­can Smith has now made it clear – and he should know – that the com­bi­na­tion of wel­fare cuts for the poor­est and tax cuts for the rich­est was pro­foundly un­fair. It is also clear that the Con­ser­va­tive govern­ment will con­tinue to push this ap­proach.

The tax on sug­ary drinks looks like it was in­tended to be a to­tal di­ver­sion from the main point. The govern­ment have missed their spend­ing tar­gets badly and are mak­ing or­di­nary peo­ple pick up the pieces with cuts to dis­abil­ity sup­port, uni­ver­sal credit and lo­cal ser­vices. The Chan­cel­lor’s sugar tax may seem sweet but his hid­den cuts are sour. This is not a long-term eco­nomic plan, it is a short-term eco­nomic scam.

Hid­den away are fur­ther un­nec­es­sary cuts to pub­lic ser­vices.

The whole di­rec­tion of travel of the bud­get is wrong. I think many peo­ple in Ruther­glen and Cam­bus­lang will be dis­ap­pointed by the bud­get and wor­ried by it. Coun­cil­lor Robert Brown Lib Dem can­di­date for Ruther­glen

Thurs­day, March 24, it is per­haps ap­pro­pri­ate to con­sider an end-of-term re­port on the Scot­tish Govern­ment’s per­for­mance.

Hav­ing been in power for the past nine years, the SNP has had ad­e­quate time to achieve most of its poli­cies and aims. So what has been the re­al­ity?

On con­sti­tu­tional mat­ters the SNP failed to de­liver its pri­mary aim of in­de­pen­dence.

It also broke its prom­ise to re­spect the will of the Scot­tish peo­ple.

Ni­cola Stur­geon at the party’s re­cent con­fer­ence threat­ened to launch a new cam­paign for in­de­pen­dence. So, yet again, the SNP’s lack of fo­cus on gov­ern­ing the na­tion will re­sult in dis­ap­point­ment, de­pri­va­tion and de­clin­ing stan­dards of health care.

The SNP has failed to ad­dress poverty in Scot­land.

The gap be­tween poorer peo­ple and the bet­ter-off has widened. Life ex­pectancy in ar­eas of Scot­land is lower than in some de­vel­op­ing coun­tries.

The education at­tain­ment gap has widened be­tween chil­dren from rel­a­tively well-off homes and those less for­tu­nate.

Mo­torists have been failed. Just con­sider the state of the roads.

The health tar­gets es­tab­lished by the SNP are be­ing failed.

The de­cline in nurs­ing and med­i­cal train­ing fa­cil­i­ties has re­sulted in a short­age of GPs, wards be­ing closed due to lack of nurses and mid­wives and A&E units be­ing over­whelmed by pa­tients.

The SNP has also failed po­lice and the pub­lic.

The SNP’s cre­ation of Po­lice Scot­land has re­sulted in dis­sat­is­fied po­lice per­son­nel, an in­creas­ing lack of trust in the po­lice and clo­sure of lo­cal po­lice sta­tions.

It would be nice to think that the endof-term re­port could read “Could do bet­ter” but, sadly, this govern­ment has failed. It should not be given an­other five years to fail Scot­land. John Brown via email

Could you please con­sider the fol­low­ing verse for pub­li­ca­tion?

It was writ­ten to mark the elec­tion of Kezia Dug­dale as the leader of the Scot­tish Labour Party, fol­lowed by Jeremy Cor­byn’s elec­tion as leader of the UK Labour Party.

As Kezia Dug­dale con­tin­ues to in­sist she leads an au­ton­o­mous Scot­tish Labour Party I would like to ded­i­cate this wee song to her:

The Dug fae the Dale

The dug fae the dale hid tae gather the sheep, an get them aw in­tae a pen. Cause the dug fae the dale won the con­test, by beatin a wee dug called Ken. Noo the dug fae the dale wis aw happy She had the Top Dug Ti­tle tae keep But in her joy, she seemed tae have for­got­ten

It wis the Shep­herd who be­langed tae the sheep.

Aye, it’s the Shep­herd that be­longs tae the sheep ma lass That’s the hawn ye’ve been dealt So you can sit on your throne Ye can hiv a wee moan Aye – but ye’ll dae whit yer telt.

Now, the Dug fae the dale’s got a deputy, She calls him Deputy Dug Al­ready he’s run­nin all over the place An makin her look like a mug He want’s wan of them ref­er­en­dums He want’s tae ban the bomb The Dug fae the dale thought she wis in charge

The Dug fae the dale wis wrong

Aye, it’s the Shep­herd that be­longs tae the sheep ma lass That’s the hawn ye’ve been dealt So you can sit on your throne Ye can hiv a wee moan Aye – but ye’ll dae whit yer telt. Noo the Shep­herd’s been duly elected A man wae a beard called JC Al­ready he’s made a big im­pact There’s some say he’s parted the seas Oth­ers say that he’s fed 10,000 Wae a loaf and a wee bit of fish Well, I’m bid­ing ma time fur the wa­ter tae wine

That’s the trick that we don’t want tae miss

Aye, it’s the Shep­herd that be­longs tae the sheep ma lass That’s the hawn ye’ve been dealt So you can sit on your throne Ye can hiv a wee moan Aye – but ye’ll dae whit yer telt. John Starrs by email

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