Game has dark twist feel to it

Rutherglen Reformer - - The Ticket - Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 looks set to con­tinue it’s great run, with di­rec­tor Hide­taka Miyazaki at the helm.

The story-telling and graph­ics are trade­marks of the run, and the game­play slowly lures the player into its com­plex nar­ra­tive.

There’s plenty of sword and sor­cery ac­tion, and the 16+ rat­ing re­flects the na­ture of the game. It’s a dark world and filled with de­tail, the labyrinthine routes can be de­cep­tive and re­veal­ing. There’s plenty of scary beast­ies on show too, and the chal­lenges are re­lent­less and un­nerv­ing.

The only down­side be­ing that three games in, a few things seem sim­i­lar from the pre­vi­ous two out­ings.

Dark Souls Con­tinue the ad­ven­ture

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