‘It takes a com­mu­nity to raise chil­dren and young peo­ple’

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Com­mu­nity lead­ers in Cam­bus­lang have backed calls for more ser­vices to be made avail­able for teens, while also urg­ing the whole com­mu­nity - ir­re­spec­tive of age - to value the town’s parks and green spa­ces.

Michelle Farmer, a mem­ber of Cam­bus­lang Com­mu­nity Coun­cil, said she be­lieved ex­ist­ing fa­cil­i­ties within Cam­bus­lang could be used to bet­ter serve young peo­ple.

She said: “Some ar­eas in Cam­bus­lang lie within the top five per cent of the most de­prived ar­eas in Scot­land, yet there are very lim­ited re­sources for young peo­ple at night dur­ing the week and at week­ends. So then, it can be ar­gued the struc­tures are very poor in­deed.

“There are of-course some great youth clubs and sport groups but these are small in num­bers and are not opened at week­ends. There is clearly a need for more youth pro­vi­sion in cer­tain ar­eas.

“It takes a com­mu­nity to raise chil­dren and young peo­ple. It be­comes ev­ery­body’s prob­lem when there are no fa­cil­i­ties as we can see in Cam­bus­lang Park and in sev­eral other ar­eas in Cam­bus­lang.

“It is not im­pos­si­ble for peo­ple in the com­mu­nity to work to­gether to pro­vide bet­ter ser­vices for young peo­ple. The coun­cil can’t be ex­pected to do it all, how­ever col­lec­tively it can be done, with­out a shadow of a doubt.”

Ed­ward Cais, chair­man of the Friends of Cam­bus­lang Park, said ex­ces­sive rub­bish at the park is wast­ing the time of com­mu­nity vol­un­teers and the hard work­ing staff at South La­nark­shire Coun­cil, who are bet­ter em­ployed main­tain­ing and im­prov­ing the park rather than col­lect­ing lit­ter.

Mr Cais said: “What I would say to peo­ple is: think of other peo­ple, the many peo­ple in the lo­cal area, fam­i­lies and friends, who en­joy the park. You are spoil­ing it for them.

“Chil­dren are at risk from the bro­ken glass bot­tles you leave be­hind and dogs have sus­tained in­juries to their paws. Think what if it were a rel­a­tive’s or a friend’s child who was hurt be­cause of your thought­less­ness.

“If you are hav­ing a good time, you can still hold onto the bags you bring your drinks and food in and ei­ther put your rub­bish in a bin or take it home. And don’t make a noise at night, so that peo­ple can get a proper night’s sleep.

“These are ba­sic things that will en­sure the park can be en­joyed by ev­ery­one.”

The coun­cil can’t be ex­pected to do it all

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