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How do you read your Reformer? Which pages do you go to first? For me it is al­ways the front page head­line – hope­fully it is good news (some­one has won some­thing; there are more jobs com­ing to the area) but not al­ways ( some­one has died sud­denly, there has been a crime).

Then I head to page two – the “Voice of the Peo­ple”. I love that we get to hear dif­fer­ent peo­ple speak, last week it was on the monar­chy, this week it is the exam re­sults.

I am also keen to check if it is some­one I know, or some­one I have seen but never spo­ken to be­fore.

Go­ing through the rest of the pa­per there will be plenty more voices: peo­ple who have passed ex­ams, politi­cians, fundrais­ers, peo­ple who are deal­ing with ad­ver­sity.

Which voices do you like to lis­ten to? Which voices make you jump to the next ar­ti­cle?

Per­haps there are two voices that we need to lis­ten to the most.

The first is the voice that we dis­agree with. We have to ask “why would a sane per­son ever reach such a view?”.

If we don’t we will only ever re­in­force our own views all the time. There is a dif­fer­ence be­tween want­ing to be right and want­ing to find out the truth. And there is an­other voice. The voice of the peo­ple you do not of­ten hear – peo­ple who are not fa­mous, peo­ple who some­times get ig­nored. It is so im­por­tant to hear the qui­eter voices.

Jesus once said that the gen­tle folk would be the ones to in­herit the world, and he Him­self of­ten spoke with a ten­der voice.

In the Old Tes­ta­ment we are told a story where it is the still small voice which be­longs to God. Lis­ten care­fully – I hope you hear it. Neil Glover, Flem­ing­ton Hall­side Church

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