Poltergeists doubted by lo­cal res­i­dents

Pub­lic gives their view on ghost re­ports

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There’s some­thing strange in the neigh­bour­hood, but Ruther­glen res­i­dents ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Last week’s Re­former told how a fam­ily on Stonelaw Road were ap­par­ently be­ing ter­rorised by para­nor­mal ac­tiv­ity, with events tak­ing place that left lo­cal cops stunned when they were called in.

They found clothes fly­ing across the room and oven doors clos­ing and open­ing.

It even prompted a TV medium to con­tact the pa­per and of­fer his help.

We went out to Stonelaw Road to ask lo­cals if they be­lieved in the su­per­nat­u­ral – and they were unan­i­mous in not be­liev­ing.

Stu­art Thom­son said: “I be­lieve it’s all non­sense. I work at the old fire sta­tion down on Cen­tral Street and that’s sup­posed to have ghosts, but I’ve been there 26 years and never seen any­thing, so there’s been noth­ing to change my mind.”

Carol Han­nah said: “I don’t be­lieve in them at all. See­ing is be­liev­ing, so if I don’t see it I don’t be­lieve in it. I’d need to see some­thing that was 100 per cent proof, like an ac­tual video, be­fore I’d be­lieve in them.”

Brian Ste­wart said: “I’ve never seen any­thing like ghosts so I don’t be­lieve in them. There’s no point in be­ing afraid of some­thing that you don’t know ex­ists.”

Cather­ine McGin­ity said: “I do be­lieve in cer­tain things but I’m not sure I’d go as far as poltergeists or ghosts. I’d need to ac­tu­ally see some­thing be­fore be­liev­ing it all.”

“My work is sup­posed to be haunted but in 26 years I’ve seen noth­ing” Stu­art Thom­son

Dis­be­liev­ing Carol Han­nah

Doubts Stu­art Thom­son

Proof needed Cather­ine McGin­ity

Not Afraid Brian Ste­wart

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