House plants need the nat­u­ral sun­light

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Dion­aea, more com­monly known as the Venus fly­trap, are one of the most pop­u­lar house plants in the UK.

They are part of the car­niv­o­rous plant fam­ily as they ac­tu­ally eat in­sects such as flies with their mouth-like traps which close when a fly or other small in­sect lands in­side them.

This unique abil­ity to catch live prey makes them very pop­u­lar and great for chil­dren to have, as well as be­ing a nat­u­ral pest con­trol in your home.

Place your plant where they will re­ceive lots of nat­u­ral sun­light. In gen­eral, this is one of the big­gest mis­takes made when grow­ing house plants as the ar­ti­fi­cial light from your home is not the same as the nat­u­ral light that your plant re­quires to grow.

A win­dow ledge or shelf nearby is the most ideal place. If you see your traps go­ing slightly red in colour it means they are healthy and re­ceiv­ing enough light.

Un­like most other plants the type of wa­ter you give them is cru­cial. Only use pure rain wa­ter or if that is not avail­able dis­tilled wa­ter works fine.

Tap wa­ter con­tains chlo­rine that will build up in­side your plants over time lead­ing to poor health and even death.

Be­tween Oc­to­ber and March, your plant will go through a dor­mant stage. This is when the plant should be left alone.

Many fly traps die as a re­sult of this as a lot of the time peo­ple con­tinue to care for their plants as they would in the grow­ing sea­son when they should be left un­cared for.

Never let the soil dry out com­pletely dur­ing this phase but don’t over wa­ter ei­ther.

Al­though they are best known for eat­ing flies you don’t have to feed them flies your­self, you’ll be glad to hear. Venus fly­traps ac­tu­ally get most of their nu­tri­ents from the sun and so only catch flies as a last re­sort or if one hap­pens to land on them.

I hope you have found th­ese tips help­ful. If you have any gar­den­ing ques­tions you would like an­swered you can email me: jor­dan1­trainer1@gmail. com and I’ll get back to you as soon as pos­si­ble.

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Pop­u­lar Venus fly­traps are one of the most pop­u­lar plants across the UK

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