Should death of Tow­ell spell the end for sport?

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The death of boxer Mike Tow­ell stunned sport­ing fans around the world last week and saw re­newed calls for the sport to be banned.

Tow­ell, 25, had to be stretchered from the ring af­ter a fifth-round loss to Dale Evans in a fight in Glas­gow last Thurs­day, Septem­ber 29.

We took to the streets of Burn­side to ask if this lat­est tragedy should force a ban, or more strin­gent checks to be in­tro­duced.

Bill Kelly from Cam­bus­lang said: “Fifty per cent of me says yes and 50 per cent says no.

“It’s a hard old game. When I was a kid a guy I knew who won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games, John Mc­Der­mott, he will be 75 now.

“There are peo­ple that go into it to keep fit and it gives them dis­ci­pline, etc. But when it goes to the money games it’s dif­fer­ent. That’s the dan­ger of it - it’s kill or be killed.”

David McCarthy, also from Cam­bus­lang, said ban­ning the sport could cause more harm than good.

He said: “It has been proven that more fa­tal­i­ties hap­pen in horse rac­ing and mo­tor car rac­ing than boxing. The health checks are prob­a­bly as strict and strin­gent as they can be.

“Ul­ti­mately if you were to ban it you would drive it un­der­ground. There wouldn’t be nearly as many health and safety checks if that were to hap­pen. It is more con­trolled when it is out in the open.”

Sheila Bax­en­dale, from Burn­side, said: “I think it’s bar­baric. If they are go­ing to keep the sport then they should be wear­ing head guards.

“There is no point giv­ing them MRI scans be­fore be­cause it’s the im­pact of the punches that causes the dam­age, whether you start off OK or not.”

James McLaugh­lin from Burn­side, ad­mit­ted he loved watch­ing boxing, but added: “Maybe they should wear head guards, maybe all boxing should stay like that... it’s bet­ter than some­body end­ing up dead.”

Ul­ti­mately if you were to ban it, you would drive it un­der­ground David McCarthy

Boxing fan James McLaugh­lin

Un­de­cided Bill Kelly

Keep it in the open David McCarthy

Bar­baric Sheila Bax­en­dale

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