Time to pre­pare for sea­son ahead

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When the leaves start to change colours, it’s time to start tack­ling au­tumn chores to pre­pare for the snow and cold and there are cer­tain tasks you need to keep on top of to make sure your home is all set for the com­ing el­e­ments of the new sea­son.

Whether you love it or hate it, clean­ing is a fact of life and no mat­ter how much you loathe scrub­bing up in those marigolds, we bet you loathe bac­te­ria and germs even more.

It may there­fore be time to give your home a healthover and make sure the fol­low­ing germ hotspots are hy­gien­i­cally clean this au­tumn. Kitchen Sur­faces: Hobs and sinks The av­er­age kitchen sink has been found to con­tain 100,000 times more bac­te­ria than the bath­room, so get rid of grease and grime around the hob and sink which can lead to a spread of germs and bac­te­ria.

Bath­room The com­bi­na­tion of mois­ture and poor ven­ti­la­tion can po­ten­tially re­sult in many bath­rooms be­com­ing a breed­ing ground for mould, mildew and bac­te­ria.

The av­er­age bath­room sink con­tains 2733 bac­te­ria per square inch.

Keep your bath­room well ven­ti­lated and clean your shower cur­tain with an anti-bac­te­rial trig­ger spray.

And there are other chores to task as you pre­pare for win­ter.

Have your heat­ing sys­tem checked. Is your boiler need­ing a ser­vice?

If you have a fire­place, have your chim­ney cleaned and checked.

Check and fix win­dows. If you have storm win­dows, get them out, clean them and check for needed re­pairs.

Find and deal with air leaks and drafts. Check doors and win­dows and any other ar­eas you re­mem­ber as be­ing drafty last win­ter.

Check or in­stall smoke alarms and car­bon monox­ide de­tec­tors. Put in fresh bat­ter­ies.

If you’re still re­cov­er­ing from last win­ter’s en­ergy costs, now may be the time to do a com­pre­hen­sive en­ergy au­dit of your home.

And what about the gar­den? Weed the gar­den. Pull out all dy­ing an­nu­als and make sure to elim­i­nate all weeds.

This will pre­vent them from seed­ing and tak­ing over your gar­den in the spring.

Sweep away the leaves, look at bulbs to plant for the spring and en­joy the last cut of the grass for the sea­son.

So roll up your sleeves and pre­pare for an au­tumn house clean-up, as now is the time for your house to get set for the new sea­son.

The key is to pre­pare for the new sea­son in plenty time to give your­self a chance to sit back and en­joy your home in the cold, dark, win­ter months.

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