If you are what you eat, proof is in the pud­ding

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Af­ter The Bells have fin­ished ring­ing and we’ve clinked the last of our glasses in a fes­tive ‘cheers’, the cold re­al­ity of Jan­uary starts to bite.

All those late nights, yummy glasses of wine, cheese boards, choco­lates and turkey sand­wiches have started to have their re­venge.

The clothes are a tighter, the skin and hair not so healthy and glossy - it’s time to take ac­tion.

As part of my at­tempt to detox my body this month, I have pur­chased a book called Med­i­cal Medium: Lifechang­ing Foods by An­thony Wil­liam.

An­thony, the med­i­cal medium claims to have helped tens of thou­sands of peo­ple heal from ail­ments that have been mis­di­ag­nosed or­don’t seem able to be re­solved.

He says he has man­aged to do all of this by lis­ten­ing to a di­vine voice that speaks into his ear, telling him the cause of peo­ple’s pain, ill­ness or dis­com­fort and how they can over­come it.

OK, you may or may not be­lieve that, but it is fas­ci­nat­ing.

He be­lieves that nutri­tion plays a vi­tal role, so the books delve deeply into the heal­ing power of 50 fruits, veg­eta­bles, herbs and spices that ap­par­ently have an ex­tra­or­di­nary ef­fect on our health and spir­i­tual well­be­ing.

I ac­tu­ally be­lieve that our health and well­be­ing is di­rectly down to what we eat and drink.

We only have to com­pare our di­ets here in the UK to some other parts of the world where the proof is in the big fat­ten­ing pud­ding. We know this, yet we do noth­ing about it. One of the rea­sons ap­pears to be that we seem to have poor di­etary ed­u­ca­tion.

That cou­pled with the fact that it’s so in­con­ve­nient to eat well when you are busy.

Con­ve­nience food is ev­ery­where and it’s far too easy for us to just grab and go.

A healthy snack takes a lit­tle thought and prep time and we don’t seem to want to al­low for that.

In­stead we grab the near­est thing and gob­ble it down. We are get­ting more and more un­healthy ev­ery year and it doesn’t look like its go­ing to change any­time soon.

So, be­ing as naughty as ev­ery­one else and con­stantly con­cerned for my health, I’m start­ing afresh this month and am go­ing to make some sig­nif­i­cant changes.

I will re­port back my progress so stay tuned. If you would like to find out more about Laura’s work, the ser­vices she book an pro­vides, ap­point­ment,have her test your prod­ucts or an­swer a make-up query, www. go to lau­radaw­sonm or con­tact her akeup.com on laura@ lau­radaw­sonm akeup.com

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