Should our MPs make money from other jobs?

Lo­cals give their views on politi­cians

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Fig­ures re­vealed last week sow that some MPs are coin­ing it in with other sources of in­come.

Top of the list was the for­mer Chan­cel­lor, Ge­orge Os­borne, who has earned £627,891 from speak­ing en­gage­ments.

Other MPs have also been able to earn ex­tra cash through book deals or work­ing with com­pa­nies, prompt­ing crit­ics to de­clare that they should be banned from hav­ing ex­tra sources of money.

We went out to Burn­side to ask lo­cals for their views on the sub­ject.

Jean Mar­ley said: “I think it would de­pend on what the other job is. If it’s tak­ing ad­van­tage of be­ing an MP to make more money then I think that would be wrong. They should be very care­ful

Hav­ing a sec­ond job is some­thing that can cre­ate a con­flict of in­ter­est Joe Gor­man

about all of these things.”

James Horn said: “I think it’s fair enough. They’re not go­ing to be MPs all their lives so there’s no rea­son they shouldn’t have some­thing else to fall back on if they get voted out.”

Stephanie Clark said: “I think they need to be fo­cus­ing on be­ing an MP, not a side job. I’d feel like they’re not do­ing their main job enough, which is sup­posed to be fo­cus­ing on pub­lic is­sues.”

Joe Gor­man said: “I think they should be ex­clu­sively work­ing in par­lia­ment. Hav­ing a sec­ond job is some­thing that can cre­ate a con­flict of in­ter­est. To rep­re­sent your con­stituency is some­thing that should be a full-time oc­cu­pa­tion and I don’t see how they could have the free time for an­other pur­suit.”

Fair James Horn

Con­flict Joe Gor­man

Care­ful Jean Mar­ley

Fo­cus Stephanie Clark

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