Wage cap would be wel­come, say lo­cals

Limit wages to tackle our in­equal­i­ties

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Labour leader Jeremy Cor­byn has re­cently sug­gested a pos­si­ble wage cap on high earn­ers as a way of tack­ling in­equal­ity.

The limit would tar­get highly paid ex­ec­u­tives and bosses, although it would not hit cer­tain oc­cu­pa­tions, like foot­ballers.

We went out to Burn­side to ask lo­cals what they thought.

Mar­garet McGre­gor said: “I’d be in favour, there’s peo­ple earn­ing far too much. All these ex­ec­u­tives and man­agers are all earn­ing far more than peo­ple at the bot­tom. There’s a lot of poor peo­ple out on the streets and it feels wrong for peo­ple to earn so much when that is hap­pen­ing.

Alex Stu­part said: “If you’re good at your job, then why not get what’s due to you? I’m not a Jeremy Cor­byn fan, so it seems a bit of non­sense – lower paid peo­ple should be get­ting what they de­serve too, but so should those at the top.”

Dou­glas Thom­son said: “I think it’s very un­fair what hap­pens at the mo­ment. Peo­ple can walk out with a huge salary, mil­lions of pounds and stocks and shares, and the peo­ple do­ing the hard work are get­ting a frac­tion of that. It’s a pos­si­bil­ity that it would make some peo­ple leave the coun­try, but it’s also pos­si­ble that it would make the coun­try bet­ter.

Michael McQuade said: “I would sup­port it. It’s morally wrong to have peo­ple get­ting that amount when oth­ers are scrimp­ing and sav­ing – how can you have that amount when an­other man is starv­ing?”

Peo­ple can walk out with a huge salary and peo­ple do­ing the work get a frac­tion of that . . . Dou­glas Thom­son

In favour Mar­garet McGre­gor

Non­sense Alex Stu­part

Un­fair sys­tem Dou­glas Thom­son

Sup­port Michael McQuade

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