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Do you remember the very first time you ever rode a bike by your­self, if ever you did?

Do you remember that feel­ing of ex­cite­ment mixed with an equal sense of anx­i­ety as you ped­alled that first, short, wob­bly dis­tance?

The ex­cite­ment was in do­ing some­thing you had never done be­fore; the anx­i­ety was in the al­most cer­tain knowl­edge that sooner rather than later your sense of bal­ance would desert you and you would fall off your bike.

The next fright­en­ing moment was when you learned to sig­nal which meant hav­ing to take one hand off the han­dle­bars with the fur­ther wob­bles and the tum­bles that may have been in­volved in that ac­tion.

But as your tech­nique im­proved ev­ery time you rode your bike you could think back to the bruised and blood­ied knees of those early days and know that it had been worth it.

God knows that we are learn­ers in life.

He sees the ‘L’ plates which are in­vis­i­ble to us and to oth­ers.

He makes ex­cuses for us when we fall far short of per­fec­tion.

He asks just one thing of us: that we ‘try, try and try again’.

Je­sus again tells us to be at peace, how­ever bat­tered and bruised we may feel.

We are still learn­ing to be like him and God makes al­lowances for that by send­ing us the spirit of love and en­cour­age­ment to help us make a fresh start at all those times when that is just what we need.

Karen Hamil­ton, DCSDea­con, Cam­bus­lang Par­ish Church

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