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Dear edi­tor

I at­tended a hus­tings for Cam­bus­lang West (Cam­bus­lang In­sti­tute, April 24).

All but one can­di­date used their open­ing pitch to fo­cus on lo­cal is­sues that ac­tu­ally fall within the aus­pices of South La­nark­shire Coun­cil.

The can­di­date in ques­tion, from the Con­ser­va­tive and Union­ist Party, used 75 per cent of their open­ing pitch to rant about con­sti­tu­tional is­sues in­stead.

The party in ques­tion seem coy about what they ac­tu­ally in­tend to ac­com­plish lo­cally should they suc­ceed in the lo­cal elec­tions.

One can only spec­u­late that they either have no lo­cal poli­cies to speak of, or that their poli­cies are so ab­hor­rent that they would de­ter any po­ten­tial voter.

Either way, the Con­ser­va­tive and Union­ist Party have cyn­i­cally cho­sen to fill this void with di­vi­sive and ma­nip­u­la­tive rhetoric. The peo­ple of Cam­bus­lang de­serve bet­ter. An­drew Grant Ad­dress sup­plied

No sense in leaflet Can any­one make head nor tail of Robert Brown’s elec­tion leaflet in which he states “Ruther­glen Main Street The Main Street needs an imag­i­na­tive Ac­tion Plan with good staff to re­vive the Royal Burgh’s land­mark street.”?

This does not make sense. Is he get­ting mixed up with Cam­bus­lang Main Street which does have is­sues? Leave our an­cient and beau­ti­ful Main Street as it is in all its glory! “Good staff ”what staff? What is he talk­ing about?

The Lib­eral Democrats are a spent force in pol­i­tics . Once they got into bed with the Tories in the last coali­tion govern­ment they lost what­ever cred­i­bil­ity they ever had.

They do though seek to carve a niche for them­selves at lo­cal level but, in my view, too of­ten do it in a pa­tro­n­is­ing way.

His news­let­ters al­ways claim credit for all lo­cal is­sues be­ing solved and for im­prove­ments such as hous­ing and schools in the lo­cal area. He omits to men­tion that this all hap­pened un­der a Labour-con­trolled South La­nark­shire Coun­cil.

If life was found on Mars, Robert Brown would seek to take the credit for it. You would think that as a lawyer by pro­fes­sion he would stick to the facts.

Not that Labour are ex­empt from crit­i­cism. Ger­ard Killen who was one of the coun­cil­lors for Ruther­glen South and now seek­ing elec­tion in Ruther­glen North, Ed­die McAvoy’s for­mer seat is of­ten seen smil­ing and look­ing good in pho­to­graphs.

It takes more than pho­to­shoots to serve lo­cal peo­ple with im­por­tant is­sues who seek a coun­cil­lor’s help of­ten as a last re­sort.

I am not a mem­ber of any po­lit­i­cal party but they should all re­mem­ber it is the or­di­nary peo­ple who vote them into th­ese po­si­tions and it is they that they are an­swer­able to, not their own party or any other pres­sure group.

Most peo­ple will know that I am a life­long Labour voter but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t sought to bring them to ac­count when nec­es­sary and will con­tinue to do so as is my demo­cratic right.

Hav­ing said that, I am writ­ing this a week be­fore elec­tion day and so far I have re­ceived leaflets from the SNP and the Lib­er­als.

Noth­ing from Mar­garet Cowie, the Labour can­di­date for Ruther­glen South and all I know about her is her ad­dress which is on my postal bal­lot form. Labour can­not as­sume that they will be a ‘shoo in’ here or any­where else.

Noth­ing from the UKIP can­di­date either but then who would want to hear from them? Same ap­plies to the Tories.

Time for the peo­ple to speak and I would urge every­one to go out and use their vote and re­mem­ber demo­cratic rights were fought for, not given and in par­tic­u­lar women fought and died to get the vote which we all now take for granted. Dorothy Con­nor Ruther­glen

No com­mit­ment I un­der­stand the Labour can­di­date for Ruther­glen Cen­tral and North has put him­self for­ward and been ac­cepted as the West­min­ster can­di­date for Ruther­glen and Hamil­ton West Con­stituency.

Does this mean that he is al­ready con­ced­ing de­feat in the coun­cil elec­tion for Ruther­glen Cen­tral and North be­fore a vote has been cast?

Treat­ing the vot­ers of Ruther­glen with con­tempt by firstly jump­ing ship from Ruther­glen South, where he let down a large num­ber of the elec­torate by sup­port­ing the Cathkin Re­lief Road and now by stand­ing to fight two elec­tions at once.

It would ap­pear that the Labour Can­di­date is not 100 per cent com­mit­ted to Ruther­glen Cen­tral and North Ward and is happy to jump ship to try and win a seat at West­min­ster even be­fore a vote is cast. J. Alan McLen­nan Burn­side

Rape clause de­spi­ca­ble I was proud of the Scot­tish Par­lia­ment in its com­ing to­gether of four par­ties to iso­late the Tories who sup­port and de­fend West­min­ster’s cap on child cred­its and the rape clause.

Those two items were buried away in the wel­fare rights cuts of ex-chan­cel­lor Ge­orge Os­borne.

It is de­spi­ca­ble in be­ing anti-women, fam­ily and child.

That par­ents should be dic­tated to as to how many chil­dren they should have and that an in­no­cent third child should be de­nied fi­nan­cial as­sis­tance by the state is bru­tal.

Along­side this, the fact a woman who has a third child as a con­se­quence of be­ing raped has to com­plete a form and face en­quiry by strangers to re­live their trauma in or­der to re­ceive ben­e­fit is be­yond ob­scene and dis­gust­ing.

Glas­gow Cen­tral MP Ali­son Thewliss de­serves our eter­nal grat­i­tude for hav­ing un­cov­ered this leg­is­la­tion with its in­ten­tion and im­pli­ca­tions, and cam­paigns in West­min­ster and out­side for its re­moval. Robert Bren­nan Machrie Road Castlemilk

Camero­ni­ans to meet By 9.31am on Sun­day, May 14 in the vil­lage of Dou­glas, the flag of the Camero­ni­ans (Scot­tish Ri­fles) will be proudly fly­ing as it does ev­ery year on the near­est Sun­day to May 14.

On that date old Camero­ni­ans gather to re­mem­ber their proud reg­i­ment which will have been dis­banded 49 years on that date.

The years are thin­ning down the ranks but those left will gather each year, the last men stand­ing.

Each year they are here to re­mem­ber their reg­i­ment and friends close to where the reg­i­ment was both raised in 1689 and dis­banded in 1968.

Please feel free to come along to any part of the day, from flag rais­ing at 9.30am, the church ser­vice in St Brides at 10am or the con­ven­ti­cle by the reg­i­men­tal cairn at 2pm close to Cas­tle Dan­ger­ous in the es­tate grounds.

With the Camero­ni­ans be­ing the old reg­i­ment of La­nark­shire in which a great many Ruther­glen men served it would be nice to have a great turnout. Dou­glas Tor­rance via email

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