I.T. (15)

Rutherglen Reformer - - The Ticket -

Pierce Bros­nan is a long way from Bond as his mis­cast lead heads up this dull cy­ber-flavoured thriller.

He plays a busi­ness mogul whose fam­ily is tar­geted by his IT guy – yes, re­ally – when he spurns his at­tempts at friend­ship.

John Moore fol­lows A Good Day to Die Hard, Max Payne and The Omen re­make with another dud that never gets outs of sec­ond gear.

Bros­nan just scowls, drinks booze and looks mys­ti­fied, while James Frecheville is one of the least im­pos­ing psy­cho stalk­ers ever com­mit­ted to film.

Anna Friel and Stefanie Scott are given thank­less roles as Bros­nan’s wife and daugh­ter, ap­par­ently only ex­ist­ing to get into peril.

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