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Therew­ere­plenty of com­ment on claims made last­week the Cathkin Re­lief Road had not eased con­ges­tion in Ruther­glen.

“Try­ing to turn right from Blair­beth Road onto Mill Street is an ab­so­lute night­mare now with the traf­fic light tim­ings, even at non-peak times.”- Jac­qui XOhldagx

“Worked bril­liantly to ease traf­fic on Blair­beth and Stonelaw roads which I think was the plan. Just moved it on to Mill St where the lack of a change of light pri­or­i­ties is caus­ing prob­lems at Main Street.”- Elaine Fee

“I think its a great wee road, it cer­tainly takes the pres­sure off Fern­hill.”- San­dra Effie Arnott

“No com­plaints here. I think the road, par­tic­u­larly the land­scap­ing is a vast im­prove­ment to what was there be­fore. I live in Fern­hill Road, big im­prove­ment in traf­fic here and no­ticed a big dif­fer­ence on Blair­beth Road too. One of us is up and down five or six times a day to school and nurs­ery and have never seen any hint of con­ges­tion, that must have been a one-off.”- Katie Stur­geon

“New road is ex­cel­lent as is the land­scap­ing. It has made a con­sid­er­able dif­fer­ence to Blair­beth Road. It would be im­proved by right turn­ing fil­ters at the traf­fic lights.”Mar­jorie McLen­nan

“Maybe if the lo­cals stopped whinge­ing ev­ery five min­utes and the speed was in­creased to 40mph there would not be tail­backs on the road. Thirty is far too slow for this kind of road.” - Kenny Bready

“I miss the walks through nat­u­ral park­land and see­ing the wildlife it’s re­placed.”- Gill Gowran

“Don’t of­ten have to com­mute at rush hour but had to this month. Day one at 7.45am, be­fore main rush hour, the tail back reached the rail­way bridge. Day two, left at 7.30am in at­tempt to reach work in time, tail back reached Blair­beth Road. There wasn’t a day three as it was mak­ing me late for work.“- -Frances Coyle

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