Be a gym bunny and hop to it for weight loss

A lit­tle move­ment can go a long way

Rutherglen Reformer - - Health Matters - Michelle Friel

“Are you go­ing to the gym?” This one ques­tion can make you hide be­hind the sofa, or make you want to grab your wa­ter bot­tle and get out the door. Which one are you?

Find­ing time, and the willpower to be ac­tive, can seem hard for some, but when you are try­ing to lose weight, a lit­tle ex­tra move­ment goes a long way.

On the Weight Watch­ers plan, we ac­tively en­cour­age our mem­bers to move more. Los­ing weight is al­ways an amaz­ing thing to do, but mix this with some ex­tra ac­tiv­ity, and not only will it make you feel fab, but it can help you achieve that goal weight quicker.

Be­com­ing ac­tive re­leases a happy hor­mone, so why not do some more?

The health guide­lines ad­vise a nor­mal adult should be aim­ing for 10,000 steps a day. That may sound a lot, but when you start mov­ing those steps can re­ally add up quickly.

Also be­com­ing more ac­tive does not mean you have to “hit the gym”, or do a marathon. Be­com­ing more ac­tive can in­clude ev­ery­day things you are al­ready do­ing. Clean­ing your house, wash­ing the win­dows, hoover­ing, walk­ing the dog or tak­ing the kids to the park and kick­ing a foot­ball.

Even if you think you are not able to be ac­tive, rather than fo­cus­ing on what you can­not do, fo­cus on what you can do.

If you have health re­stric­tions that do not al­low you to get out walk­ing, are you able to do arm­chair ex­er­cises, while watch­ing your favourite soap?

Or can you walk up your stairs one more time, just to get ex­tra steps in?

I have a lot of mem­bers who are chal­lenged by their health, but they want to lose weight so they en­sure they fit some­thing ex­tra into their ev­ery­day life­styles.

If you are de­ter­mined enough, then you will fit it in.

Fancy join­ing one of my lo­cal meet­ings to find out more? Con­tact me at mfriel@weight-watch­ or pop along to the Burn­side Ho­tel, Cam­bus­lang Rugby Club or Fern­hill Com­mu­nity Cen­tre to get in­volved.

Work­ing out Does the prospect of the gym fill you with fear or joy?

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