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It can be sur­pris­ingly dif­fi­cult to find ladies bike boots which are both wa­ter­proof and stylish. This is why I’ve been loyal to my Docs for so many years but sadly their days are num­bered. My first wear of th­ese Forma Har­mony boots was a school­girl er­ror in plan­ning; I wore them on a 10 day trip, rid­ing to Ri­mini. Long trips are not the time to find out that you don’t get on with your kit!

To my taste I think they look quite nice – shin height with a low heel, abra­sion re­sis­tant oiled leather with an­kle and shin guards for CE ap­proved pro­tec­tion – and they aren’t pink! How­ever, the stitch­ing across the top of my foot rubbed, leav­ing a red mark.

More an­noy­ing was that the mem­ory foam air-ven­ti­lated insole, one of the big sell­ing points of th­ese boots, would not stay in place, sliding around when I tried to walk. I’m not usu­ally keen on sec­ond chances, but in a tor­ren­tial down­pour they proved they are definitely wa­ter­proof and they are warm, so I changed their in­soles for some ther­mal ones and gave them an­other try.

Af­ter some wear­ing-in they aren’t rub­bing any more so I’ll per­se­vere and keep us­ing them this win­ter. RRP around £149 and for more de­tails and stock­ists you need to call Fac­tory Agen­cies Lim­ited on 01749 342491 or email info@fac­to­rya­gen­ Ann

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