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Scooter­ing was con­tacted re­cently by Andy Fran­cis of Franspeed with re­gards to a pro­posal of a new race class for 2016. Andy has been work­ing on sug­gested Lam­bretta spec­i­fi­ca­tions while Nor­rie Kerr of VE UK those for Vespa.

Scooter­ing un­der­stands th­ese pro­pos­als are still to be put to­wards and ac­cepted by the BSSO and mem­bers which will no doubt be dis­cussed at their AGM in Fe­bru­ary 2016.

Andy Fran­cis writes: “The aim of this new class is to pro­mote scooter rac­ing, to keep it af­ford­able, safe and com­pet­i­tive, us­ing read­ily avail­able stan­dard parts and off-the-shelf tuned road parts. This will keep the class com­pet­i­tive and the rac­ing close with the onus be­ing on the rider’s abil­ity.”

There’s not the space to quote ev­ery sin­gle as­pect of their pro­posal here and sug­gest any­one in­ter­ested in rac­ing con­tacts the BSSO via www.scooter­rac­

Lam­bretta Scooter

Any model LI/SX/TV/GP, Se­ries 2 or 3. Body­work as stan­dard in ap­pear­ance with the ex­cep­tion of cut­away in the side panel for the carb and trim­ming of the rear floor­boards for ex­haust/rear damper travel clear­ance. No dropped han­dle­bars are al­lowed. Metal or fi­bre­glass panel work is al­lowed. No light lenses front or rear.

The en­gine cowls (metal, fi­bre­glass or car­bon) must be of stan­dard de­sign, the fan cowl­ing cen­tre may be re­moved to aid cool­ing but no direct air scoop cool­ing al­lowed.

The ad­di­tion of damper brack­ets to front forks is al­lowed but forks must be stan­dard in ap­pear­ance al­though can have up­rated in­ter­nals. Sin­gle (in­ter­nal or ex­ter­nal) hy­draulic front disc brake is al­lowed, but no anti dive sys­tem or steer­ing dampers may be used. The rear sus­pen­sion unit is to be fit­ted in a stan­dard form but can be up­rated. The rear brake pedal must be stan­dard, with ca­ble op­er­a­tion and in its orig­i­nal po­si­tion. No rear set brakes. The cen­tre­stand and splash plate can be re­moved to aid cool­ing and ground clear­ance. Tyres will be type spe­cific, tube­less or split rims with tubes both al­lowed.

Lam­bretta En­gine

To be type spe­cific us­ing the RB200 cylin­der kit and head, Ver­tex and Woss­ner pis­ton can be used. Stan­dard in­let man­i­fold, no forced in­duc­tion or power jet can be used. The carb will be type spe­cific, a 30mm VHSA flat slide Del­lorto. The cylin­der is to re­ceive no tun­ing or weld­ing, only a 58mm cran­shaft is al­lowed, us­ing the 116mm rod. The elec­tronic ig­ni­tion sys­tem must be stan­dard and static timed. Stan­dard fly­wheel, in­ter­me­di­ate weight or light­ened fly­wheel may be used. The crank­case must be stan­dard. No weld­ing, cut­ting or grind­ing to crank­case is al­lowed. En­gine mounts may be up­rated. Mag hous­ing must be stan­dard with no pack­ing, mod­i­fi­ca­tion or weld­ing.

The gear­box will be type spe­cific, the SIL GP200 gear­box cho­sen as it is in pro­duc­tion and rea­son­ably priced. The pri­mary drive must re­main in stan­dard form, al­though pri­mary gear­ing may be changed to suit the rider and cir­cuit. 4, 5 or 6-plate clutch may be used but no chain case packer is al­lowed. Up­rated chain ten­sioner is al­lowed.

Av­gas or road­side 99 oc­tane pump fuel is al­lowed. The ex­haust will be type spe­cific, the Franspeed RB race will be spe­cially de­signed for this class.

Vespa Scooter

Any model PX, Small Frame, body­work as stan­dard in ap­pear­ance with over­all reg­u­la­tions pretty much the same as the Lam­bretta, with a few mar­que spe­cific al­ter­ations.

Forks must be stan­dard in ap­pear­ance, up­rated front damper is al­lowed. Hy­draulic front disc brake is al­lowed. The use of steer­ing dampers is not al­lowed. The rear sus­pen­sion unit to be fit­ted in the stan­dard form but can be up­rated.

Regs for tyres, rear brake, stand as per Lam­bretta.

Vespa En­gine

Type spe­cific us­ing one of the fol­low­ing op­tions: PX 200 us­ing Malossi 210 MHR cylin­der kit and head, 57mm com­pe­ti­tion crankshaft, Del­lorto 30mm stan­dard in­duc­tion carb kit, Franspeed L/H ex­haust. PX 125/150 us­ing Malossi 166 cylin­der kit and cylin­der head, and then as PX200. Small frame us­ing Malossi 135 MHR cylin­der kit and cylin­der head, 51mm com­pe­ti­tion crankshaft, Del­lorto 25mm stan­dard in­duc­tion carb kit, NFK Sig­na­ture race ex­haust.

The PX200 gear­box can be mod­i­fied to take a T5 4th gear and the use of a 22t clutch drive plate. PX125/150 gear­box can be mod­i­fied to a 21 or 22 tooth clutch drive plate. The Cosa type clutch unit can be used. Other reg­u­la­tions as per Lam­bretta.


Th­ese are out­line plans which have ap­par­ently been sub­mit­ted as a start­ing point. Andy Fran­cis: “We at Franspeed are happy to sup­ply the ex­haust at cost price. We will con­trib­ute £250 to­wards a prize fund, along with ex­hausts and tail cans. We will also be offering a 30% dis­count for parts used specif­i­cally for this race class. Rayspeed has agreed to sup­ply parts to be used for this class with sub­stan­tial dis­counts. Vespa parts will be avail­able from VE (UK) at spe­cial prices, un­der the same con­di­tions as Lam­bretta parts (to riders with 2016 ACU li­cence, cur­rent BSSO mem­ber­ship and have a 2016 com­pe­ti­tion num­ber). Oil and tyres will also be dis­counted. This is not an ex­clu­sive club. Deal­ers or scooter or­gan­i­sa­tions are wel­come to come on board with spon­sor­ship and pro­mote any part which can be used to en­hance the safety and per­for­mance of this class.”

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