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Pleas­ing all the peo­ple all the time is an im­pos­si­ble, and un­en­vi­able task, which on the scooter scene falls to sub groups like VFM and other BSRA mem­bers.

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Their hard work and ef­fort year in, year out, means there is al­ways a plethora of events to at­tend. But, I understand that there’s al­ways go­ing to be too much of one thing for some and not enough of an­other for oth­ers, with the im­pos­si­ble aim be­ing to find the equi­lib­rium be­tween the two. For ex­am­ple, re­cently I've no­ticed some rally go­ers de­sert­ing the likes of the IOW and try­ing to spice up their own rally sea­son... I wouldn’t see this as a com­plete neg­a­tive for or­gan­is­ers, but a cry for a shake up of the cal­en­dar and an end to some of the bloated and repet­i­tive events.

I would say this cry is echoed more strongly within the YGSC, par­tic­u­larly as one of the great­est parts of the scene is the ex­plo­ration of new places. We look back with envy at some of places you old bas­tards have vis­ited, even if they were shit holes then and even worse now!

I was talk­ing to club mate Ben re­cently: “I’m al­ways be­ing told by old bas­tards about th­ese places they used to visit on na­tion­als like Oban, Fort Wil­liam and Great Yar­mouth. I really want to go to th­ese places, this is de­spite how des­o­late they’re made out to be! I love the Na­tion­als where I don’t have to worry about B&Bs, where it’s all in one place. I can just rock up on my LML, with a tent on the back and it’s job done. I’m slowly start­ing to hate how Brid gets booked up as soon as peo­ple leave the B&B, or how peo­ple can pre­dict Easter be­fore the dates are an­nounced – f*ck that, they have to solve it some­how, it right puts me off.”

Any­one with half a brain would know it’s far more straight­for­ward to or­gan­ise a rally when you’ve got a good venue, good re­la­tion­ships and, ob­vi­ously, when you’ve got time on your side to make sure all the loose ends are nicely tied up. So it makes per­fect sense to have some con­ti­nu­ity in the cal­en­dar, if only for sleek or­gan­i­sa­tion. I hon­estly be­lieve though, that some more spon­tane­ity in the cal­en­dar would keep us on our toes and in­ject some much-needed vi­brancy back into the na­tional scooter

At the end of the day, th­ese out­side pro­mot­ers are just worm­ing their way onto the scene and run­ning con­flict­ing events, all to make a quick buck...

scene. Per­son­ally, love it or hate it, I view the IOW as a prime ex­am­ple of why the scene needs this in­jec­tion. It has now oc­cu­pied the pres­ti­gious Au­gust Bank Hol­i­day slot for 20 years... Most of our mem­bers aren’t even 20 years old!

On the other hand, I was talk­ing to Matty from the Mans­field Mon­sters SC (one of the main or­gan­is­ers of Cleethor­pes), who was say­ing how he’d love to pro­mote a town other than Cleggy. His main con­cern if they did do so, was that an­other pro­moter would move in on the town, on the same date, fur­ther frac­tur­ing the na­tional scooter scene. This is a prime ex­am­ple of how the VFM and the BSRA are be­tween a rock and a hard place. They could take the plunge and have a shake up, but it could po­ten­tially blow up in their face, ru­in­ing years of hard work. At the end of the day, th­ese out­side pro­mot­ers are just worm­ing their way onto the scene and run­ning con­flict­ing events, all to make a quick buck...

I’d rather sup­port gen­uine scooter­ists such as the VFM and the like, but for the fu­ture I’m also show­ing my (and the YGSC’s) sup­port for some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent. It’s al­ways great to see events like the LCGB’s Lin­coln Na­tional or EMSA’s Newark Na­tional, so keep them com­ing! But why not try some­where dif­fer­ent for the Au­gust Bank Hol­i­day? Or let’s end the sea­son in style some­where new? And, if the YGSC can be in­volved in making this hap­pen, that would be fan­tas­tic. I don’t want to be branded a key­board war­rior (the world’s got enough of them!); I want to be there to lend a hand to friends and fel­low moped lovers!

In essence, what I’m try­ing to say is shake things up (but don’t cause an earth­quake). Keep us on our toes, break the B&B monopoly, make us party at each rally like it could be our last... Or more sim­ply party like there may never be an­other rally there again!

I still think na­tional ral­lies are the lifeblood of the scene; they bring us the best cus­tom scoot­ers, drive in­no­va­tion and where else do so many like-minded folk gather? There’s noth­ing quite like drag­ging your­self out of a tent, des­per­ately hun­gover, in a field full of thou­sands of ye olde scoot­ers. There’s no feel­ing of be­long­ing like that which you feel on a Na­tional. Long may they con­tinue!

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