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Owner: Markus Blau Scooter club: Sanc­ti­mo­nious SC, Greven­broich (near Düs­sel­dorf)

First in­ter­est in scoot­ers: At the age of 16 my folks gave me a choice be­tween a scooter or noth­ing. Nat­u­rally, it was the scooter. They are re­gret­ting it to this day… First scooter: Vespa PK 50 XL.

Favourite scooter: Vespa 90 SS.

Favourite style of cus­tom scooter: Street Racer. First rally: Lübeck ’91. Ev­ery­body gave me a ‘beer chris­ten­ing’ on the first night – I was told that’s tra­di­tion…

Favourite rally: Scooter Dive ’91 with Ed­win Starr. There are no bad ones – it’s up to you what you make of it.

Most use­less part ever bought: A re­built en­gine. I wanted to save some work but ended up buy­ing junk. Bet­ter do it your­self and get help if you need it. What part would you most like to see de­vel­oped for scoot­ers: A tyre lever that doesn’t scratch

the rims. If you had to rec­om­mend one scooter part what would it be: Dropped head­sets by Tar­get should

be re­made.

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