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First of all, how is Sco­madi do­ing?

We’ve got the 50 and 125cc air-cooled scoot­ers on the mar­ket and they’re do­ing well, we’ve sold 4000 world­wide. Pro­duc­tion lines are now get­ting up to ca­pac­ity and we’ve got an ad­di­tional fac­tory com­ing on board to cope with the 125 and 200 liq­uid-cooled bikes.

Are you happy with how it’s all go­ing?

Yes, very. We’ve only been ef­fec­tively sell­ing for six months. We’re hop­ing to get pro­duc­tion up to 16,000 by the end of 2016.

Where is Sco­madi sell­ing?

World­wide. In fact we can’t take on any more UK deal­ers at the mo­ment be­cause pro­duc­tion can’t keep up. We’re in Ger­many, France, Bel­gium, Thailand has taken off re­ally well, Malaysia, Sin­ga­pore, it’s go­ing re­ally well. We went through things last night and there are 99 reg­is­tered Sco­madi clubs of one kind or another on Face­book!

Tell us more about the new liq­uid-cooled mod­els?

They’ll be built at the new fac­tory. The en­gines are four-stroke, four-valve, twin cam, mod­ern fuel in­jec­tion by Mag­neti Marelli, dual map for econ­omy or sport and we at PM Tun­ing have de­signed the ex­haust sys­tem. We’re also work­ing to­wards ABS for these too, with Bosch, to meet the forth­com­ing EU reg­u­la­tions.

Will it meet Euro 4 reg­u­la­tions?

It will be sold ini­tially as a Euro 3 bike and then half­way through the year when the ABS is fit­ted it will meet Euro 4. ABS will typ­i­cally add be­tween £150 and £200 to the price of the bike. So if you’re not both­ered about ABS, get in early and buy one of the bikes with­out it.

On the cur­rent air-cooled 125 we will use CBS (Com­bine Brak­ing) which is al­lowed and it will help keep the cost down. We’ve also been work­ing on a fuel in­jec­tion sys­tem for that to help that meet Euro 4.

Do you an­tic­i­pate the 125 or 200 sell­ing bet­ter in this coun­try?

In the UK the 200. There’s noth­ing wrong with the cur­rent air-cooled 125, but the new 125 will be a lit­tle faster. How­ever we think peo­ple will re­ally en­joy the 200. It’s got far more power.

How is the new 200 do­ing in tests?

Very good ac­tu­ally. It’s got sim­i­lar power as a GTS 250 out of the box, and once it’s got a few miles on the clock it gets even bet­ter. It makes its power at a bet­ter place. Higher up the rev range, in the rev range too.

What mod­i­fi­ca­tions have you made to the frame and body for a liq­uid-cooled en­gine?

We’ve in­creased the ef­fi­ciency of the scoop com­pared to our old 300s, and the lo­ca­tion of the fan so that now it sucks rather than pushes. It means you don’t get de­bris stuck in the ra­di­a­tor or the blades of the fan, there’s like a vor­tex there. We’ve been test­ing it in China when it was 34 de­grees and the fan kicked in just once!

The header tank is dif­fer­ent too and you’ll get a lit­tle fun­nel to fill that with the bike.

By the way, the seats will be lower too and we’re in­tro­duc­ing lower seat to all scoot­ers across the range.

Fi­nally, what is the story with the 250 six-speed con­cept scooter?

It’s here ini­tially to see what sort of re­ac­tion we get. We built it to in­volve the rider a bit more with the gear change as op­posed to be­ing on an au­to­matic. The en­gine in this is one of a few op­tions we’ve been look­ing at, but we just wanted to de­sign this scooter and show it to peo­ple. There are plenty of op­tions open to us re­gard­ing tyre size, sus­pen­sion and gear­ing, but if the re­sponse is good we may be able to start pro­duc­tion to­wards the end of 2016.

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