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Name of scooter: Adored – based on my favourite band the Stone Roses. Scooter model: 1963 Lambretta Li125 se­ries 3. Date pur­chased and cost: May 2015 for £1300. Bought as a skelly off Chris Matthews. In­spi­ra­tion for project: I in­tended for it to be a sen­si­ble run­ner with a mod­ern twist. Time to build and by who: 11 months (my new­bornn son slowed it down!). Built by me at home. Any frame mod­i­fi­ca­tions: De­cided to go for fi­bre­glass SX panel work. Lighter, won’t rust and sur­pris­ingly fit­ted bet­ter than the orig­i­nal tin stufff. Are there are any spe­cialised parts: The rearsets are pretty spe­cial – an Adrian Newn­ham work ofo art. The cus­tom le­mon slices were made by Keith New­man. En­gine kit: Imola. Crank: Long stroke black mecc crank. Carb: Del­lorto PHBH30. Ex­haust: TSR Evo with Gianelli can. Clutch: Reed­speed 5 plate. Gear­box: Ital­ian li150. Are there any other unique de­tails we have missed: Where pos­si­ble all bolts have been swapped for ti­ta­nium ones. Top & cruis­ing speed: To be con­firmed, but hop­ing to be able to sit at a good 70 all day. Is the scooter re­li­able: Fresh build – time will tell, but I’ve had a cou­ple of nig­gly is­sues and teething prob­lems. Noth­ing ma­jor though. Paint­work & mu­rals/who did them/any sto­ries: I had planned on paint­ing it my­self, but the birthh of my son, Milo, but paid to that idea. Orig­i­nally it was just go­ing to be the base colours which were bril­liantly ap­plied by Kenny Brad­ford but then de­cided to go ‘the whole hog’ and got Colin Fitzger­ald on the job for the air brush­ing. I love the John Squire art work and I think Colin’s cap­tured it per­fectly. Is there any en­grav­ing: A lit­tle bit on the chain case, air scoop and rear light done by Ja­son Lock. Is there any pow­der coat­ing? If yes who did it: All pow­der coat­ing done by LSN in Castle­ford. Over­all cost: Prob­a­bly about £6000 all in, in­clud­ing buy­ing it. What was the hard­est part of the project: Be­ing a DIY lover, and hav­ing painted my T5 so suc­cess­fully, let­ting the work go out due to not hav­ing as much spare time these days, but it was worth it in the end. Do you have any ad­vice or tech tips for any­one start­ing a project: Take your time, don’t rush, and if you can’t af­ford de­cent com­po­nents straight away, it’s al­ways worth sav­ing for them. Is there any­thing still to add to the scoot: Toy­ing with some gold plat­ing. In hind­sight, is there any­thing you would have done dif­fer­ently: Ship the paint work out straight away rather than wast­ing a load of time in my garage. Your favourite dealer: I’ve al­ways liked SIP. Is there any­one you wish to thank: Colin Fitzger­ald for the art­work, Ja­son Lock for the en­grav­ing, Kenny Brad­ford for the basecoat, Alex Ish­er­wood for get­ting the paint look­ing spank­ing, Adrian Newn­ham, Keith New­man, Tr­ever Emer­ton for the count­less ad­vice, Rob Side­bot­tom for telling me to “just get on with it” and ev­ery­one else that’s given ad­vice.

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