Still Alive from ’65 The Grand Tourer

Al­ready the owner of two very well known scoot­ers, Phil wanted to build some­thing he could call his own. Start­ing with a pal­let of rusty bits, this beau­ti­ful Lambretta is the end re­sult.

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In from 1963 In­no­centi bowed to pres­sure Peter Agg, then di­rec­tor of the UK’s and Lambretta im­porter and Con­ces­sion­aire, of oth­ers to build alarger ca­pac­ity ver­sion model for their flag ship Lam brett a TV17 5cc the same body the power hun­gry UK mar­ket. It had from as­mall styling as its pre­de­ces­sor, and apart script on the chrome badge be­low the Lambretta badge in the front leg shields, and a re­vised plas­tic (both dis­play­ing rear al­loy grill be­low the dual seat ‘anorak’ to TV200) it would take apretty good dis­tance. de­ci­pher the dif­fer­ence at any rea­son­able power unit; The main change was the up­graded for this had been the main bone of con­tention higher In­no­centi not build­ing a big­ger ca­pac­ity/ felt the ex­tra per­for­mance ma­chine be­fore. They in­crease ca­pac­ity would lead to an un­ac­cept­able fail­ure in vi­bra­tion which could lead to pre­ma­ture in the steel of en­gine parts and stress frac­tures to­day’s body parts –not that this would bother than sim­ply ‘speed freak’ scooter boy! Rather for anew cylin­der re-en­gi­neer­ing the mount­ing face en­gine block, they chose to cast a com­pletely new bar­rel stud area. with in­creased metal around the pre­ced­ing Slightly dif­fer­ent in pro­file to the on the GT and 150/175 mod­els, it was only used en­gines very early SX 200 mod­els –the later the smaller shar­ing the same pro­file shape as gas­ket face of ca­pac­ity blocks but with the larger with the bar­rels the 200 mod­els. Tak­ing a gam­ble In­no­centi port tim­ing and high ra­tio gear­box, per­for­mance hoped to build amore re­laxed high than arev tour­ing na­ture into the scooter rather what the hun­gry race ma­chine which is ex­actly Quoted power tuners of the day were so ea­ger for. at fig­ures for the GT were ause­ful 10.75hp the 175TV 5700rpm, two ‘horses’ more than and with 400 more rpm. roughly Through­out the pro­duc­tion run of there were 15,000 GTs be­tween 1963 and 1965 of which were sur­pris­ingly few al­ter­ations, most con­ti­nu­ity rather con­tem­po­rary with pro­duc­tion line style pan­els gave than be­ing model spe­cific.The Li range of se­ries way to those fit­ted to the Spe­cial style ca­ble IIIs, forks changed from the S2 wired elon­gated re­turn tidy to the pressed steel item, the trimmed back and be­low the rear num­ber plate was ring be­tween the late mod­els even lost their chrome head­set and horn cast. to the So af­ter that his­tory les­son we come Owned by Phil beau­ti­ful restora­tion you see here. as a pal­let Jef­fries, it was ac­quired in April 2015 end re­builds, of parts for £4500! Phil loves high ‘clas­sics’ so much so he al­ready owns sev­eral And Re­flec­tions in­clud­ing the S2 TV175 Shad­ows once be­long­ing and the ‘Golden’ SX200 Fred once be­long­ing Perry sir to a cer­tain gold medal Olympian! Both of these

were al­ready ‘built’ when he got them though and he al­ways wanted to de­sign his own restora­tion from the ground up. So with the ba­sic pal­let of rusty parts he hatched an idea to build a clean pe­riod look­ing ma­chine us­ing the best parts and pro­fes­sion­als he could find.

Now al­though he wanted to keep the look very 60s and in line with the Grand Tourer ideal, he de­cided to bring the en­gine right up to date. First the body­work was despatched to Clint at Clas­sic Per­fec­tions in Barn­ham, West Sus­sex; to get the look he wanted. They de­cided on an Old Eng­lish white base with taste­ful black/gold de­tail­ing and pe­riod fea­tures – I must say it is very nice and un­der­stated! The en­gine then went to Pro De­sign in Lit­tle­hamp­ton for Roger to carry out his magic! A race/road ported BGM RT 230 kit was used with 60mm crank Jap con rod, 30mm Del­lorto carb, BGM in­let man­i­fold, BGM ex­haust, AF six-plate clutch and TV200 gear­ing. Prob­a­bly a lit­tle over the top but the GT/TV was al­ways a bit of a wolf in sheep’s cloth­ing! He had al­ready used Disco Dez at Gran Sport for pre­vi­ous work on his ma­chines so de­cided he was the man to bring his dream to­gether. It took around a year and near on £10k to fin­ish. Since com­ple­tion it has been fully set up by Roger on his dyno and gives a very use­able 18bhp. Phil is very happy with the fi­nal pack­age and it has al­ready picked up not only Best Lambretta but also Best in Show at its first out­ing last month!

Word & Pho­to­graphs: Dave O.

The orig­i­nal pal­let of rusty bits.

Worth the ef­fort for days like these.

A great re­sult.

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