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In an un­usual move, a new per­for­mance pack­age is about to be brought to mar­ket us­ing EX­IST­ING com­po­nents and with a very spe­cific ‘hi-level power spread’ tune. While a few com­pa­nies are fo­cus­ing on man­u­fac­tur­ing brand new be­spoke kits and com­po­nents, one very sharp in­di­vid­ual has man­aged to com­bine the ex­act blend of items re­quired, along with a few spe­cific mod­i­fi­ca­tions, to pro­duce a 238cc Lam­bretta per­for­mance pack­age.

Rid­ers re­turn­ing from a jaunt on the test bike have been noted as de­scrib­ing the power de­liv­ery as ‘the Holy Grail’ and ‘re­mark­able’. The pack­age, which con­sists of cylin­der kit (inc head and pis­ton), 62/115 race crank, spe­cial reed block, a tour ex­haust, bear­ings, seals and a 27mm carb (yes 27mm) has been seen to hit 38bhp and 27lb-ft in test­ing, but the re­tailer is quot­ing 35bhp and 25lb-ft to be con­ser­va­tive. De­spite the high fig­ures, the kit is pulling from tick-over, with al­most no ‘pre-power­band lull’ and peak­ing at a rel­a­tively low 7850rpm which makes it very ride­able. Cost is ex­pected to be around £1695; a full re­port is to fol­low soon.

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