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Name: Paul Hunter Scooter club & town: Lost Boys. New­cas­tle. Square & Com­passes SC First scooter: Lam­bretta SX150 for £25. Favourite scooter model: There isn’t a geared scooter I don’t like. Favourite style of cus­tom scooter: Any that can be rid­den and ad­mired. Rather than a cheque­book scooter that only sees the light of day at big shows. First rally or event: Am­ble­side 1979. How did you get there: On my SX, loaded up like Ged Clam­pett’s car. Any sto­ries: Af­ter Am­ble­side I came home on the back of a mate. Be­ing un­able to ride af­ter crash­ing into a dry­s­tone wall three up, pissed in a field. Favourite rally: Favourite rally has to be The Border Bash run by Ber­wick Bull­dogs. Fun­ni­est ex­pe­ri­ence with a scooter: See­ing mate Jack Dey emerge from his tent at The Dutch Lions Rally, cov­ered in stink­ing mud and slime, and net­tled to death, hav­ing drunk­enly fallen into a canal af­ter leav­ing us in the bar. Fur­thest you’ve ever rid­den on a scooter: Al­most to Bel­gium, from Ij­muiden. Af­ter get­ting lost on the way to Heer­jans­dam. What do you like about ral­lies: Meet­ing mates, the craic, the buzz, and the smell. What do you dis­like about ral­lies: Be­ing kept awake dur­ing the night by gob­shites. Favourite cus­tom/fea­tured scooter of all time: I’d have to go for Gath Lewis’s Dy­rospeed Dev­as­ta­tor, Geordie Pride. See­ing it in the 80s, know­ing where it lay unloved for 30 years, and now see­ing it back on the road. If you had to rec­om­mend one scooter part or item of rid­ing kit what would it be: Good pro­tec­tive kit. Wear­ing jeans and a polo when you meet the Tar­mac hurts. I learned that the hard way.

Name of scooter: Cur­sum Per­fi­cio. I like to per­son­alise my scoot­ers. I had a few ideas prior to re­build. Then I lost my mam in Septem­ber, so I de­cided to ded­i­cate it in some way to my fam­ily and those I love. Cur­sum Per­fi­cio is my fam­ily motto. It can be trans­lated in a few ways. I fin­ish my jour­ney, my course (hunt) I fin­ish what I start. Scooter model: eibar Lam­bretta Li 125. Time to build & by who: Eight months. Peter Bow­ery Blyth. En­gine kit: Al­loy 185. Crank: MEC-EUR. Carb: Del­lorto 28mm. Ex­haust: Ster­ling. Clutch: Up­rated springs. Gear­box: Stan­dard. Paint­work & mu­rals: Pin­strip­ing by hand, by Peter Von Brush (AK Graph­ics). En­grav­ing: Ex­haust body etched, and end an en­graved by hand, with ham­mer and chisel, by my­self. Over­all cost: £2200. Any­one you want to thank: Colin Ver­non, Durham Ground­hogs. Peter Von Brush of AK Graph­ics North Shields. Pete Bow­ery. Cath and Gary Lewis, and those dear to me that Cur­sum Per­fi­cio is ded­i­cated to...

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