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Name of scooter: PX220LC Mar­tini Rac­ing Scooter model: PX200. Date pur­chased: About 10 years ago for £100. In­spi­ra­tion for project: The paint was in­spired by the one of the most iconic rally car ever, the Lan­cia Delta In­te­grale in Mar­tini colours. Time to build: Ten years, most of it by my­self apart from the ally weld­ing and the paint. Frame mod­i­fi­ca­tions: Cut and re­shaped pan­els, trimmed rear frame sec­tion with sunken rear light. Twin CR250 ra­di­a­tors fit­ted in tool­box, cool­ing holes for ra­di­a­tors, holes for cool­ing hoses. Frame and fuel tank cut away for in­creased carb and fil­ter clear­ance, spare wheel brack­ets re­moved and electrics re­lo­cated. Cut­down front mud­guard. Head­set mod­i­fied to suit Aprilia brake master cylin­der, fluid reser­voir and stage 6 dis­play. All done by my­self. Spe­cialised parts: Wa­ter-cooled Malossi bar­rel and wa­ter-cooled stan­dard head, all the ally fab­ri­ca­tion was by my­self with the weld­ing done by Didge at Mecweld. Self-made reed block and in­let man­i­fold, self made ex­haust, one off fly­wheel cover, VW wa­ter pump with ad­justable wa­ter pump con­trol. Strength­ened side stand to pre­vent floor­boards bend­ing. En­gine: Malossi 210 orig­i­nal, Crank: Se­ries Pro 60mm Bell Crank, Carb: Kei­hin 35mm AS, SIP fast flow fuel tap, BGM reed valve, Fly­wheel ma­chined down to 1500g, Ig­ni­tion: Kytronic 16 map, Ex­haust: Self made ex­pan­sion with SIP si­lencer, Clutch: BGM su­per­strong with SIP springs and XL cir­clip, Gear­box: P200 with 37T DRT 4th, Port­ing work by: my­self. Dyno done by: Shiny Red Tun­ing in Stroud. It’s cur­rently pro­duc­ing 22bhp and 15Ib-ft. Other unique de­tails: The bar­rel base was skimmed by 0.5mm to give tim­ings of 118/178 with a 60mm crank. The bar­rel top was also ex­tended by 4mm to al­low the head to sit into the bore to cen­tral­ize it. The ex­haust port was widened, low­ered and a one off bolt-on ex­haust flange fab­ri­cated. The bore was then ce­ramic plated at Aptec in Glouces­ter. CR is 10.5:1 with a squish of 1.3mm. The cylin­der head needed to be put through vac­uum im­preg­na­tion to seal it, works well so far. Top speed: On cur­rent gear­ing it’s about 75mph. Paint­work: Banger at PRH, Stroud, prep and paint, Vi­tal Signs in Stone­house, graph­ics. Pow­der coat­ing: Pete Marks in Stroud. Over­all cost: These things are never cheap. Hard­est bit: Prob­a­bly keep­ing go­ing with some­thing that’s taken so long to com­plete. Any ad­vice or tech tips: When it’s freez­ing cold in the garage and all go­ing wrong just re­mem­ber it’s a hobby and you’re sup­posed to en­joy it! Any­thing still to add: Pi­nasco cas­ings, SIP speedo, new gear ra­tios, maybe an­other ex­haust. Any­thing you would have done dif­fer­ently: The shocks, tyres, ex­haust, carb, clutch, crank, ig­ni­tion, seat, grips, bat­tery, were all dif­fer­ent when it was first built. Favourite deal­ers: SCK, SIP, SRT. Thanks: Banger at PRH. Gary at Shiny Red Tun­ing. Gus for the bar­rel and many oth­ers who have helped over the years.

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