York Scooter Club’s re­turn to Breighton was a no brainer for the or­gan­is­ers. Af­ter last year’s suc­cess and hav­ing found a gem of a venue, there was huge demand for a sec­ond event to go ahead and they didn’t dis­ap­point!

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Dyno time

With a nat­u­ral de­sire for the sec­ond event to bet­ter the first, all ar­eas of this event were pushed to the max, in or­der to im­prove or ex­tend the en­ter­tain­ment fur­ther, in­clud­ing a dyno ‘run what ya brung’ event which op­er­ated over two days. Start­ing at noon on Fri­day and con­tin­u­ing all day Satur­day, ev­ery avail­able minute was re­quired to cram a to­tal of 46 scoot­ers in for dyno runs to as­sess bhp, torque and power spread of a wide va­ri­ety of ma­chines. We ea­gerly per­suaded as many as pos­si­ble to get in­volved and were not dis­ap­pointed with the re­sponse. A vast ar­ray of scoot­ers were tested and showed the event to be Lam­bretta dom­i­nated with just one Vespa, one auto, four hy­brid bike-en­gine scoot­ers, one Targa-Twin and one hy­brid-geared Lam­bretta/auto con­ver­sion among the 46 we tested. A cou­ple of demo scoot­ers were also in­vited along, as well as a sprint Lam­bretta, in or­der to give those bike en­gines a bit of com­pe­ti­tion, there was also a newly built de­vel­op­ment mo­tor which had just been com­pleted. This unit threw up some very pleas­ing fig­ures.

How much power!?

The re­sults ta­ble has been grouped into fig­ures show­ing sim­i­lar ca­pac­ity mo­tors/ mod­els to­gether, and pro­vides the fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion for com­po­nents on each ma­chine: cu­bic ca­pac­ity (en­gine size e.g. 225cc, 252cc etc.), kit type (e.g.

Monza, TS1, Malossi etc.) and ex­haust type (e.g. Franspeed Race, Club­man etc.). Also in­cluded is, the most im­por­tant bit, power (bhp) and torque (lb-ft).

Level play­ing field

Forty-six scoot­ers were dyno’d in to­tal and each had three runs to fully warm the mo­tor and clear the jet­ting, thus al­low­ing the ma­chines to pro­duce their max­i­mum power read­ings. Each scooter was run from low rpm (on av­er­age 3000rpm but lower on some that could do so) and stretched to its max­i­mum rpm, so as to give a full and broad read­ing of the over­all power de­liv­ery of each ma­chine. The ma­jor­ity of ma­chines also had tyre pres­sures checked and set to 30psi, as this af­fects fric­tion and so gives an even play­ing field to all tested. The open air en­vi­ron­ment did pro­vide some baro­met­ric changes which no doubt al­tered read­ings just slightly over the two days, but these changes are min­i­mal in the big­ger scheme of things. Given that this was an open air event, and one in­sti­gated for fun rather than se­ri­ous com­pe­ti­tion, the test pa­ram­e­ters were as good as could be hoped for. De­spite the ‘fun’ in­ten­tions though, com­pet­i­tive spir­its al­ways sur­face, as do great op­por­tu­ni­ties to col­lect and an­a­lyse data. This event was no ex­cep­tion.


Data col­lec­tion and anal­y­sis is a painstak­ing and time con­sum­ing process, but ul­ti­mately it is this data which helps cus­tomers to choose the right kit/com­po­nents for them­selves, and helps deal­ers of­fer the right in­for­ma­tion to their cus­tomers. It also al­lows tuners like my­self and oth­ers to fur­ther our knowl­edge and make fact-based, data-driven de­ci­sions, in or­der to im­prove fur­ther. Shar­ing this hard earned data is not some­thing a lot of tuners do, but each to their own. I hope you en­joy the read, and glean some­thing use­ful for your own knowl­edge.

Mugello: In blue the 225 with Club­man putting out 18bhp, in red the 225 with Franspeed Race putting out 21bhp, and in green the 230cc TT with TT Mod TSR Evo putting out 26bhp. The ben­e­fit of the club­man is its user-friendly bot­tom end power. The port...

Eric’s 246cc TT Su­per Monza putting out 44bhp, al­though this doesn’t come ‘on song’ un­til 6000rpm. By com­par­i­son, Rob’s 238cc TT Monza is putting out a stonk­ing 38bhp un­der 8000rpm and is pulling from low revs.

Sticky’s DRZ 400 @ 32bhp vs Peter’s Gas Gas 450 @ 41bhp – both with long/broad spreads of power, pick­ing up from low revs and con­tin­u­ing on nicely to give good top speeds.

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