Fetish Scooter

Thought you’d seen it all? Well look again, be­cause I’ve cer­tainly never seen any­thing like this be­fore… at least not with a scooter in­volved!

Scootering - - Contents - Words: Dan Clare Pho­to­graphs: Killer Heels Pho­tog­ra­phy Model: Ju­lia Were­cat

Un­usual to say the least, see for your­self…

Ev­ery now and then some­thing pops into the Scooter­ing mail­box which makes me stop for a minute, take a sec­ond look, and then slowly mouth the words….’what the f**k’? In the best pos­si­ble way, this was one of those mo­ments. When I clicked open the pro­fes­sional hi-res images sent in by Killer Heels Pho­tog­ra­phy, I ini­tially re­coiled from my screen with sur­prise. I was fur­ther dis­tracted as Gaz looked over my shoul­der in the of­fice and asked if he could have a copy lam­i­nated… my con­fu­sion peaked. Once I’d got over the shock of the gimp model, and started to ap­pre­ci­ate the scooter…my ini­tial con­cerns faded, and I saw this for what it was: a bit of fun. Bill and Seth, mem­bers of the Buchan Coast­ers Scooter Club, or­gan­ised this shoot. Killer Heels’ usual style is, as you may have guessed, fetish pho­tog­ra­phy so this is a break for the norm for both him and us. So my ini­tial ques­tion was… why?

As the story goes, fetish cloth­ing de­signer ‘Dayne Henderson’ had cre­ated the piece worn by the

model in the pic­tures, and Killer Heels had ad­ver­tised for a scooter to be in­cluded in their up­com­ing pho­to­shoot. I’m not sure what sort of clas­si­fied ad­verts scooter owner Scot­tie scours at the week­end, but he spot­ted this re­quest and re­sponded with the of­fer of his chop­per (oo-er). The match was made and pals Bill and Seth ea­gerly trans­ported the scooter to the shoot for Scot­tie. I have to say… although it’s not my cup of tea, the re­sults are stun­ning. As the ti­tle says: some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent! Okay... show’s over, nor­mal ser­vice re­sumed.

Bill Mal­colm, Ju­lia Were­cat and An­thony ‘Seth’ Wing.

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