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■ Scoot­ers In­dia Lim­ited (SIL) bought the rights to the Grand Prix Lam­bretta in 1971. The firm pur­chased the name and pro­duc­tion line from Bri­tish Ley­land af­ter a buy­out of In­no­centi the same year.

■ Pro­duc­tion of the SIL Grand Prix started soon af­ter­wards but wasn’t sold back in to the UK for sev­eral years.

■ In 1978 Two Four ac­ces­sories took over im­por­ta­tion of the Grand Prix Lam­bretta in to the UK. They hired Bob Wilkin­son the ex Lam­bretta Con­ces­sion­aires public re­la­tions of­fi­cer to pro­mote it.

■ De­spite all at­tempts it strug­gled to gain a foothold in the two wheeled mar­ket as tech­nol­ogy had moved on. The Grand Prix was an ag­ing de­sign and though it would ap­peal to the younger gen­er­a­tion was never go­ing to ap­peal to the masses.

■ AF Rayspeed would take over as the of­fi­cial im­porter and it stayed that way un­til SIL stopped pro­duc­tion of the GP in the late 1980s.

■ It was ru­moured that AF Rayspeed along with sev­eral other deal­ers tried to buy the pro­duc­tion line to con­tinue man­u­fac­tur­ing GPs but sadly it never hap­pened.

■ In the 1990s SIL leased the Lam­bretta name out, where­upon sev­eral fran­chises used it most fa­mously for the Lam­bretta cloth­ing brand. For one sea­son, the Lam­bretta name was used in Moto 3, a sup­port round of the Mo­toGP World Se­ries. Soon af­ter it was leased out, a bit­ter le­gal bat­tle over use of the Lam­bretta name be­tween the lease­holder and the LCGB en­sued over who could or couldn’t use it.

Foot­note Are you the only ever owner of a Lam­bretta or any other scooter for that matter, one that you have owned for more than 20 years re­gard­less of whether it has been changed over time? If so drop us a line, we would like to hear about it.

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