Paul Green spoke to Dean Or­ton for the low­down on the Casa Lam­bretta Team’s re­cent Ly­d­den Hill race visit.

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“Ly­d­den is our favourite track as it’s the clos­est we get to a Euro­pean track and has su­perb vis­i­bil­ity as well,” Dean ex­plained. But the Ital­ian team had to cope with very lim­ited test­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties which made the tem­per­a­ture dif­fer­ences ini­tially hard to over­come as the tem­per­a­ture was some­what dif­fer­ent. “This caused us a few headaches with jet­ting as we had to guess, with there be­ing no test­ing time at Ly­d­den prior to the race meet­ing. This trip was a test­ing ground for our new mo­tors and kits so af­ter each race we stripped to check and al­ter as needed. With a one year com­plete lay off from rac­ing, it took a bit to get back into the swing of things but it was great fun.”

The en­gines the Ital­ians brought with them were all new units so the Casa team also had to ex­per­i­ment with gear­ing in a rapid learn­ing curve. On the sub­ject of rid­ers Dean had to say: “Of our three rid­ers, only Zani had con­tin­ued to race auto scoot­ers this year and Fus­chini has only used a Lam­bretta once since last year. Rider Filippo ‘Benny’ Benini had never even sat on a Lam­bretta and we got the ques­tion ‘Which way do the gears go?’ from him just as he was set­ting off to race. He was a rev­e­la­tion on a Lam­bretta and will be part of the Team from now on. See­ing him set off last on the grid and come in sec­ond (later pe­nalised to third place for over­tak­ing on a yel­low flag) was mag­i­cal.

“The high points of the trip was com­ing back to the BSSO to race and meet­ing up with our friends, and see­ing the fan­tas­tic race be­tween Fus­chini and Lee Bam­ber. See­ing all our rid­ers dic­ing with the best Bri­tish rid­ers again was fab­u­lous, the Brits have re­ally picked up their pace and im­proved.” The Casa scoot­ers were : 1. Casa Lam­bretta Rac­ing Team: SSR265 Scud­e­ria, 47bhp, Cy­clone five-Speed, 34mm carb. Rider Luca Fus­chini. 2. Casa Lam­bretta Rac­ing Team: SSR250, 47bhp, Cy­clone five-Speed, 34mm carb. Rider Luca Zani. 3. Casa Lam­bretta Rac­ing Team: Zip 100cc run­ning a new Casa Per­for­mance en­gine cas­ing with ex­ter­nal stud bar­rel kit (de­signed by Lorenz), 32bhp and over 100mph top speed. Rider Filippo Benini. 4. Team Euro­plast: SS225, 30bhp, Cy­clone 5-speed, 34mm carb. Rider Da­mon Tun­ni­cliffe. Bike No. 4 (Da­mon’s), apart from be­ing used by him in the Group 6 races, it was also raced at least once by all the rid­ers in the Open Class. Con­sid­er­ing it is a road-go­ing tuned scooter, it fared re­ally well against the other won­der­ful ma­chines.

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