In Greek mythol­ogy, Cer­berus is called the ‘Hound of Hades’. It’s a three-headed dog that guards the gates of the un­der­world to pre­vent the dead from leav­ing. In ad­di­tion to his ex­tra heads, Cer­berus has a ser­pent for a tail, and snakes pro­trud­ing from pa

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Since it ap­peared on the cus­tom scene, Dave Stewart’s fan­tas­tic cus­tom chop­per has at­tracted lots of in­ter­est and de­bate… for all the right rea­sons.

Point in mind

With that lit­tle les­son in Greek mythol­ogy over it’s time for us to ex­plore Dave Stewart’s fan­tas­tic cus­tom Lam­bretta chop­per. It’s fair to say that since Cer­berus ap­peared on the scene it’s been at­tract­ing a lot of at­ten­tion, in­ter­est and de­bate; all good news and some­thing, we should be grate­ful to Dave and Shaun Bar­ley of Shaun Bar­ley Cus­toms for.

De­vel­op­ing the dream

See­ing plenty of scoot­ers of all dif­fer­ent va­ri­eties rid­ing round Louth where Dave lived caused him to de­velop a love for scoot­ers from a young age; and it was this ex­po­sure to va­ri­ety which helped him form the ba­sis for his ideas of what his fu­ture dream scooter would be like. “I al­ways knew I’d want to own my very own scooter when I was older,” Dave ex­plained. “At the time I did have my own favourite, which was John Wil­son’s Vega, ‘Tales of the Un­ex­pected’.” John Wil­son’s Vega played a sig­nif­i­cant part in the in­spi­ra­tion be­hind Cer­berus, which would ap­pear on Dave’s hori­zon in years to come. “I’d seen this and it gave me the mo­ti­va­tion to be­lieve that if I worked hard I could even­tu­ally own some­thing like that; but only if I re­ally worked at it,” Dave said.

A wider view

The first rally Dave ever went on was to Skeg­ness in the 1980s, when he was only 10 years old! He went to the rally with an old mate and his mate’s mum and his dad. This trip pro­vided him with an un­par­al­leled in­sight into the world of scooter­ing; what it was re­ally like and not just as how peo­ple de­scribed it. “My first scooter was a PX125 in blue; I trav­elled all over on it and man­aged to make many mem­o­ries. I then fell in love with T5s and Lam­bret­tas,” Dave ex­plained.

Fast for­ward a few years and let’s come onto the new­est part of Dave’s scooter­ing life; his fan­tas­tic look­ing candy blue chop­per, Cer­berus. “I’ve had a dream all my life to even­tu­ally own my very own chop­per scooter and for it to look ex­actly how I wanted it to. Ev­ery­one asks how much it costs; but let’s be hon­est, how much do dreams cost?”

Dave com­mis­sioned Shaun Bar­ley of Shaun Bar­ley Cus­toms to carry out the work. Shaun is no stranger to cus­tom fab­ri­ca­tions; he has an in­spi­ra­tional ap­proach to his work and takes great plea­sure in push­ing the bound­aries of en­gi­neer­ing and ris­ing to the chal­lenges they of­fer.


Apart from see­ing scoot­ers in Louth and Dave Wil­son’s cus­tom Lam­bretta Vega, an­other in­spi­ra­tion for Cer­berus was Dave Sims’ chop­per, ‘Tan­ger­ine Dream’. With this in mind, Dave sat down with Shaun and they drew up a plan of where they wanted to go with the de­vel­op­ment of Cer­berus. “It had to be a plan, which would in­tro­duce a ‘next level’ of looks in terms of chop­per builds; that was one of the fun­da­men­tal el­e­ments I wanted to achieve with Shaun and I knew he was up to the job,” Dave ex­plained.

Hav­ing con­sid­ered Dave’s brief, Shaun set about the work. “The lines had to be smooth and smoother than any­thing else any­one had seen be­fore,” Dave said. “The ba­sic prin­ci­ple of pro­duc­ing a great look­ing chop­per is keep­ing the lines flow­ing with­out ca­bles and wires hang­ing out all over the place; and make it in­ter­est­ing!”


On the road Cer­berus has a dis­tinc­tive ‘Easy Rider’ look, which in­tro­duces an in­ter­est­ing and fresh look in terms of chop­per scooter ap­pear­ances. Tak­ing a look at some of the en­gi­neer­ing de­tail, the smooth look­ing one-off al­loy twin han­dle­bars sit ef­fort­lessly into the one-off al­loy yoke. The forks are made from over fit­ting CDS tub­ing lead­ing down to the al­loy in­verted springs and rock­ers. Mov­ing back up the forks and along the lines of the frame its gen­tle curves give an al­most ‘Alien’ science fic­tion look, which in­spires in­trigue.

The paint­work is candy blue, which again was com­pleted by Shaun Bar­ley. The colour of the scooter is stun­ning and sets it apart from the rest of the pack. The look is min­i­mal­is­tic and draws you to look deeper; once your at­ten­tion is cap­tured you’re treated to the ex­pe­ri­ence of ex­am­in­ing the en­gi­neer­ing.

A mas­ter­piece

The ‘spine’ of the frame arches and cra­dles the one-off al­loy fuel tank. In the mean­time, the two un­der-sec­tions of the frame work their way down­wards to in­cor­po­rate the one-off bil­let al­loy foot con­trols and stand. As this is hap­pen­ing the up­per spine el­e­ment of the frame gen­tly curves up­wards to sup­port the cus­tom sin­gle seat and holds the ‘Jockey-Shift’ gear­stick. The up­per and lower sec­tions of the frame then meet up in per­fect

syn­chro­ni­sa­tion to hold the TS1 en­gine. Beauty can be about sym­me­try and this is what Shaun has cre­ated; a thing of beauty and it’s the ap­pear­ance of sim­plic­ity too, which has been in­tel­li­gently de­vel­oped to hide the un­der­ly­ing com­plex­ity of Cer­berus’ build to work in per­fect har­mony with each other.

Since Cer­berus made its first ap­pear­ance on the cus­tom show scene at Whitby, it’s been pick­ing up awards left, right and cen­tre. Also, as a re­sult of its ground-break­ing ap­pear­ance and thought-pro­vok­ing looks, it’s at­tracted a lot of in­ter­est, which is ex­actly what Dave and Shaun wanted to achieve with its de­sign. The di­ver­sity which Cer­berus de­liv­ers is some­thing spe­cial.

Think­ing out­side the boxes is a tal­ent, it should be con­doned and in­deed wel­comed, as it will only help to sup­port and en­cour­age even more rad­i­cal and ‘off the grid’ in­no­va­tive think­ing from the rest of the scene go­ing for­ward.

Open­ing doors

Cer­berus’ ap­pear­ances on the cus­tom show cir­cuit to date are only the be­gin­ning, and Dave in­tends to con­tinue to not only en­ter Cer­berus into cus­tom shows given up ex­clu­sively to scoot­ers but also to show Cer­berus in cus­tom shows out­side the scooter­ing scene.

“I’m hop­ing that show­ing Cer­berus in cus­tom shows out­side the scooter­ing scene will open gate­ways to oth­ers who, may never have pre­vi­ously thought to take a look at the scene, and en­cour­age them to come and see what it’s all about.” Dave ex­plained. “Surely; to any pos­i­tive, open-minded and for­ward-think­ing in­di­vid­ual this can show oth­ers the depth of what the scooter­ing scene has to of­fer, and the in­cred­i­bly di­verse na­ture of our fra­ter­nity?”


Julie, Dave’s part­ner and his daugh­ter, Rhian, are by Dave’s side at most of the shows and ral­lies that he at­tends. They form an en­dear­ing part of Dave’s team and are prob­a­bly one of the most in­flu­en­tial el­e­ments to Dave’s pos­i­tive and in­spi­ra­tional mind-set. “They’re my team and they’ve been with me all the way through this project,” he ex­plained. “I’m sure there will be many more mem­o­ries and ad­ven­tures to come; and I hope ev­ery­one en­joys Cer­berus as much as I do. The hard­est part of it was wait­ing for it to be com­pleted but I wouldn’t have changed any­thing about it. It’s ex­actly what my dreams have al­ways looked like in my head, it was def­i­nitely worth it. We’ve done what we wanted to do to with our build; now it’s time for oth­ers to do what they want with their builds, and show us some­thing dif­fer­ent.” Words: Stu Smith

Pho­to­graphs: Gary Chap­man

A dream re­alised.

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